Why Carbs Are Key to Your Focus at Work

As a society, we have a difficult relationship with carbohydrates. For years we’ve thought that the secret to weight loss was cutting down carbs. But if you’re on a low-carb diet, you might want to rethink that plan -especially if you want to rise to the top of your career game. It’s just not possible to be able to concentrate and do your best work if you’re not eating any carbs at all. Read on and find out why carbs are the key to finding your focus and being super productive at the office.

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More Energy Than Coffee

Think about how you typically feel when you indulge in your morning cup of coffee. You love it, of course, and enjoy the experience and morning ritual of drinking your caffeiene. But by noon, whatever energy it gave you has most likely worn off, and you’re like an addict searching for your next fix. So you drink another cup and yet another, and the cycle starts all over again.

That crash and burn feeling isn’t going to happen if you eat your carbs because they are specifically designed to go into your body and provide you with energy. When complex carbohydrates enter your body, they give you fuel that will sustain you through even the longest meeting.

Fiber is your friend

Wondering why your breakfast of peanut butter and jam on white bread isn’t exactly powering you for a productive morning? That’s because you’re lacking fiber. Found in important carbs like whole grains, fiber is what makes you actually feel full and completely satisfied. It’s difficult to focus and produce if your stomach is rumbling and you have a headache because you’re starving. So eating fiber-filled carbs for breakfast and lunch is completely necessary.

There are two kinds of fiber and only one provides energy, while the other provides a feeling of fullness. Soluble fiber makes you feel energetic and insoluble fiber keeps you full. But don’t think that whole grains are the only kinds of fiber-rich carbs out there. Fruit and vegetables are carbs, too, and these contribute to your energy levels. So add some strawberries and banana to your morning oatmeal or whole-wheat toast, and add some raw veggies to your lunchtime salad with a side of brown rice. A bonus of eating fiber? This stuff ensures that your heart remains healthy as it maintains your cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Bad Carbs Put you to Sleep

White bread, white rice and white pasta are full of sugar and refined flour and aren’t going to do your energy levels any favours. So if you’re avoiding carbs because when you chow down on a huge sandwich for lunch it makes you desperate for an afternoon nap, that’s because you’re eating the wrong kind of carbs. You shouldn’t feel exhausted when you eat whole grains -you should actually feel the complete opposite. A mid-day meal of pizza or a hamburger on a fluffy white bun or fried rice will each contribute to low productivity, while complex carbs will help you succeed.

Carbs Make Your Brain Work

When you eat whole-grain bread or some quinoa, you’re not only fueling the muscles in your body but your Soluble fiber , too. That’s very good news if you want to be able to concentrate on this morning’s work. So if you enjoy some fruit-topped oatmeal for breakfast, you’re going to be amazed at how good you feel all morning long. You probably won’t even be hungry for your typical mid-morning snack and will be able to hold out until lunchtime. If you ever find yourself blinking at your computer screen and wondering why you can’t seem to word an email properly, the low amount of carbs you enjoyed for breakfast or lunch might be your answer. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Go for Carb Rich Snacks

So you’ve had your oatmeal for breakfast and a quinoa salad for lunch. Your daily carb consumption shouldn’t end there. Make sure that you’re consuming carbs for your daily snacks as well in order to keep your good mood going strong. For carby snacks, you want to enjoy fruit like apples and pears and vegetables like carrots. Even greens count as carbs so make some oven-baked kale chips and enjoy those as a healthy alternative to the potato chips or crackers you would otherwise be craving.

You’ll be Happier

It’s a fact. A lifestyle that doesn’t include carbs will make you feel absolutely miserable. That’s because eating carbs is directly related to how you feel and how much stress you’re taking in. And if that’s not a good enough reason to love your oats and millet, you’re also going to experience extreme cravings without adequate carb consumption. So why not give your body what it wants and needs?

You’ll also be happier when you eat good carbs because it will help take away your desire for bad carbs like pizza or a big crusty butter-filled croissant. It’s that chew and that texture. A piece of whole-grain bread can be just as delicious and crusty as a white flour baguette. There is nothing more distracting than having a food craving at the office. It will be all you think about -it will be like your brain is stuck on a constant loop of a gooey piece of chocolate cake.

Even Trendy Diets Include Carbs

Just because someone is vegan or gluten-free doesn’t mean they don’t eat carbs. Vegans rely on grains like oats and brown rice and carbs like beans and lentils to get their energy requirements and even get their protein since they’re not consuming protein-rich animal products. Those avoiding gluten still eat carbs, just gluten-free ones like quinoa, rice, potatoes, etc. And most telling of all: even Paleo followers eat carbs. They may avoid grains but they eat carbs like fruits and vegetables, and they eat a lot of them. Most even eat sweet potatoes.

So what are you waiting for? If even the Paleo believers among us are eating carbs, then you should too.

Healthy People Eat Everything

With so many diets experiencing a surge of popularity these days, it’s difficult to know what to eat and what to always avoid. But a good rule of thumb is to eat a healthy diet full of variety and based on whole grains, protein from sources like beans and chicken and fish, not too much red meat, and lots of produce. Many of those foods just listed include carbs. If you want to be healthy, you need carbs, plain and simple. And if you want to do well at your job, you can’t possibly if you’re unhealthy. So make a choice: avoid carbs and stare helplessly at your laptop day after day wondering why you just can’t seem to concentrate, or eat carbs with zero guilt and impress your boss every minute you’re sitting at your desk.

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Want to have more energy throughout your work day? Your carbohydrate consumption is the answer. With these reasons why you should embrace your love of carbs, you’ll be succeeding in no time.




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