Why Conduct a Panel Interview

There are various ways to conduct an interview and the method adopted will usually depend upon the requirements of the company. Some of the most common interview methods include:

  • One-to-one interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Panel interviews
  • Speed interviews
  • Skype interviews 

Though the most prevailing interview type is the one-to-one interview, panel interviews are becoming increasingly prominent in the interview environment, due to the numerous advantages that they bring to recruiters.

Why panel interviews are conducted

In order for panel interviews to be effective it is essential that they are organized properly and that every member present understands his or her role in the interview. All members of the panel should be given a copy of the job seeker’s resume along with a job description. It should be made abundantly clear who will be asking the questions and who will be responding to the candidate’s questions.

Panel interviews are conducted because:

  • It is far more convenient to interview a single candidate with several staff members present rather than having to arrange for them to individually interview the candidate
  • They enable executives to invite along other members of the team who would not normally have exposure to the interview setting, thus giving your team greater overall experience
  • You can appoint specific tasks to each panel member present. For example one person can be responsible for asking the majority of the questions, another for jotting down responses, another for observing body language and so on.
  • They enable the recruiter to gain a more cohesive and holistic impression of the candidate
  • They reduce the likelihood of vital information being missed
  • They are more objective as a result of reduced personal interaction

Upon completion of the panel interview, each member present should independently review and assess the candidate. Committee members should come together to discuss their results to ensure that the results are more meaningful and genuine.