Why Do We Get Nervous and How Do We Overcome It?

From both sides of the table I have seen the effects of nerves on individuals before a meeting with a boss. I have been that boss and I have had plenty of talks with my bosses over the years. In every single case, I have felt the same feelings. Butterflies, a little sweat and a definite feeling of uncomfortableness. The science behind these physical reactions is clear and helps to understand how to overcome it.

How Do You Hold Off Nervousness?

Athletes are mentioned specifically in this video but an image is shared that is not athletic in nature. Essentially, no matter what you are doing, using mental imagery can make a huge difference when it comes to fighting off that fight or flight response.

Before a meeting, imagine yourself as confident, poised and ready for anything. Visually imagine what you need to bring your confidence levels up. The mere mention of nervousness can give many people butterflies in their stomach, which you may experience right now if you try to. It is a powerful thing and it shows how easy it is to control.

For just a moment, did you feel that feeling that comes before a big, uncertain event happens? The secret now, is to start to change how you think. Instead, don’t let those feelings hit you, or at least, once they do, start to visualize yourself in a position of power.

The take away from this is that we cannot control when we get nervous. It is a fundamental aspect of who we are as a species. Through careful consideration of what it is that makes you nervous, you can lesson or even take advantage of the effects that this state of being brings on. It is unlikely that you will see a change on your first try, but the more you practice at visualization the more confident you will become. With that said, you should keep in mind that you generally get nervous for a reason, and you should listen to what your body is trying to tell you, just don’t let it overtake your life.

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