Why Enthusiasm Is Key to Success

We often hear the advice that you should love the job you do so that you never have to actually work a day in your life.  That’s definitely sound advice -after all, who hasn’t suffered through that first awful post-university job and hated every minute of it? But there’s another factor that will define whether you’re successful or not, and that has to do with your level of enthusiasm. Without it, every task and responsibility will feel like the biggest struggle, and you definitely won’t feel like you can even tolerate your job, let alone fall in love with it. Read on to find out why enthusiasm is key to your career success.

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It starts before your first day of work

Think about the moment you realized what you wanted to do with your life. It could have been as early as childhood. Maybe you were sitting in your second grade English class and all you knew was that you absolutely loved to read -and then as you got older, you realized you wanted to turn that love of books into a career as a novelist, English teacher or librarian. Your enthusiasm for your career often begins in childhood or even high school and that means it begins way before you start your dream job. That’s why when we see someone that is finally doing exactly what they want to do and what they were meant to do they’re just so happy and full of peace. They knew early on that this was the right place for them and they already had all the enthusiasm that they needed before they even began.

It gets you the job

We all know that in this difficult economic climate, landing a job is harder than ever before, and the competition is pretty stiff. So when companies make a hiring decision, it’s often between a handful of potential candidates or maybe two people. Many people have similar resumes, work experience and educational backgrounds. When it’s time to hire, who would a company rather hire -someone with a perfect resume who never smiles and doesn’t seem to care if they land the position, or someone with an identical background who has a passion for the industry as a whole, not to mention this particular company? Showing that you’re enthusiastic about the company when you’re at a job interview (but keep it professional, of course, so don’t show it quite too much) can even help make up for a few qualities you’re lacking.

It motivates you

Without enthusiasm, there can be no motivation. Sure, you can get something done at your job, but you will be frowning and groaning and sighing and basically going through the motions, and that’s no way to work -or impress your boss. Enthusiasm will get you of bed in the morning even in the dead of winter when it’s still dark outside. It will get you out the door and into even the most crowded subway train for your morning commute. It will plant your butt in your desk chair and help propel you through the longest and hardest of work days. Enthusiastic workers are the ones who are still smiling and are being friendly even when they have to stay three hours past 5 p.m. or even when they have to come into work early. In fact, they want to work long hours and are even happy about it, because they’re just that excited and passionate.

It gives you confidence

When you are really excited about a project at work, you want to tell the world -or at least your better half, circle of friends and family (which are your world basically, so it still counts). You are smiling from ear to ear and are full of confidence. You’re the kind of employee that bosses dream of and that everyone else in the office wants to be and maybe even secretly hates because you’re just that into your job. Attitude is everything, and confidence can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals. Feeling good about yourself and your abilities at the office will help you be more productive and take risks because you will believe that you can do anything. Without enthusiasm, you feel kind of blah and definitely don’t think you can do your job to the best of your abilities.

It allows you to work harder and longer hours

If you dislike your job, you’re not exactly going to volunteer to man a booth at a trade show this coming weekend or come in at 8 a.m. every day for a month to work on a special project. If you love your job and are truly passionate about it, you will work harder than you ever have before and you won’t mind giving up weekends or evenings sometimes.

People who are enthusiastic about their careers do tend to work really long hours. Some of them even work so much it seems as if they’re working 24/7 without a break. Real estate agents, clothing designers, freelance writers, authors -all of these jobs are completely different, and yet the people who have these careers have one thing in common: they work long hours and they tend to work really hard and give each session their all. And they’re all enthusiastic.

It sparks creativity

Enthusiasm and creativity work well together. You can’t have one without the other. In order to get yourself into a creative state of mind, you need to actually be interested in creating something and being productive. If you’re not feeling it one day -you have writer’s block, you have zero ideas, and brainstorming is just frustrating you- then you can’t create, period. If you’re really in the mood, on the other hand, you will be able to come up with something for that reason alone.

You will never be fake

No matter what your field, you’ve most likely encountered some people in your life, whether friends or acquaintances or even just strangers that you talk to in the Starbucks line, who say they wish they had your job. They might even give some reasons or excuses why they couldn’t, which will make you feel both flattered and kind of insulted at the same time. But not everyone can do every job and sometimes if we aren’t in a certain industry it’s for a reason. Not every teacher would make a great doctor or lawyer, and vice versa. People who claim they could do your job aren’t always being genuine. But you will never have that problem. Your passion for your career will ensure that you’re never fake and you’re always the real deal.

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Do you have enthusiasm for your work that fuels every single day of the week, or do you find yourself struggling to get inspired and motivated instead? Enthusiasm is the key to whether you succeed or fail in your chosen job and industry. Without it, you’ll simply be going through the motions rather than reaching your true potential. There’s nothing sadder than someone who never succeeds as much as they could, so get enthusiastic about your career today -or find another job that you can automatically feel that way about instead.