Why get your Friend to Review your Resume?

You may not consider your friends and family members as ‘qualified’ to review your resume; however, they may be able to spot spelling or grammatical errors that you have missed, and let’s be honest, is it really worth the risk sending your resume to your dream employer without allowing anyone to check it for errors first?  

The more time you spend on writing your resume, the harder it becomes to spot obvious mistakes – this happens to all writers and is why most editorial content is always proofread and edited before being published.

There are plenty of professional companies out there ready to give your resume a thorough review, but the fees they charge can often put candidates off. Why pay someone to review your work when you can ask your friends and family for free?

Why ask a friend to review your resume?

  1. They may be able to spot spelling mistakes you missed
  2. They could discover grammatical problems that makes your resume read poorly
  3. They can identify areas which need more detail or information
  4. They will spot gaps in your resume
  5. They will give you a fresh perspective and can help you alter the flow of your resume with new ideas and interesting points you may have forgotten about
  6. Your friends and family will feel confident in giving you their honest opinion as they want your resume to be the best it can be
  7. Your family members and close friends can help you to identify skills you may have not listed
  8. They can tell you your personal strengths and points that you particularly excel at
  9. You can get an honest opinion on the layout and design of your resume
  10. Asking your family or friends to review your resume will have save you money a professional resume reviewer would otherwise take


Overall, asking someone close to you to review your resume is a prudent step to take. The last thing you want is for your dream employer to discard your resume all because you submitted it with obvious spelling or grammatical errors. It is always better to be ‘safer than sorry’ and so asking a friend or family member to take a look at your resume is important. 




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