Why Going to Work When you are Ill is Never a Good Idea

You may feel like a hero, but showing up to work when you are at deaths door will get you no popularity votes, nor will it impress your boss. If you are unwell, even if it is just a dose of the sniffles, it is wise to stay at home and avoid the office, and here’s why…

#1 Your mind will not be focused on work

  • Even if you think you can carry on with the job, your body and mind will not be working properly so it is unlikely that you will get much work done!
  • What you do end up producing at work will be lower than the standard you are used to producing.
  • You will probably find that you spend more time at work wishing you were at home resting than actually getting work done.

#2 You could spread the illness throughout the office

  • The worst thing you could do is to give others the illness you have.
  • Many of your co-workers will have families and so passing on your sickness will affect them greatly.
  • You will end up being resented by co-workers who are desperately trying to avoid getting ill.

#3 Clients may be put off the company if they meet you when you are visibly ill

  • You could end up giving off the wrong first impression and this can have long lasting affects when it comes to client meetings.
  • Clients may think the company has forced you to work even though you are ill and as such may want to cease doing business due to poor company ethos.
  • You may have an important client meeting that you want to attend, but showing up ill could cause you to fluff your lines and forget important facts.

#4 You will be viewed as a ‘jobs worth’ who puts work before the health of others

  • It is one thing to put work before your own health, but when it affects others, this is not acceptable.
  • If you believe that a day off work will affect you more than others, you will be viewed as arrogant and self centered.
  • There is a time and a place for acts of selflessness, but coming into work when you are ill is not one of them.

#5 It will slow down your Recovery

  • Resting is imperative to recovery when you are ill, and it you are at work, you will get very little rest.
  • You must also eat healthy when unwell, but unless your office has a microwave and cooking facilities, it is unlikely you will be able to eat properly.
  • For every day that you refuse to take off, the longer your recovery time will be.