Why I Want to be a Maid When I Grow up!

3 professional lessons from Devious Maids, the mini-series...

My mother would never approve of this ever- but I want to be a maid when I grow up! No doubt about it! Well, that has not always been my dream- I only started admiring this line of work after watching devious maids. This enthralling TV show is centered on five women working as maids in Beverly Hills. The five have to juggle the sky-high demands of their rich employers with their own dreams and ambitions. The main actresses include Ana Ortiz as Marisol, Judy Reyes as Zoila, Edy Ganem as Valentina, Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen, and Dania Ramirez as Rozie. If you liked desperate housewives, you will probably love this TV Series.

Aside from the drama and entertainment, the movie has got lots of great lessons that we can all learn from. Here are the top 3 lessons every professional can pick from devious maids:

1. Professionalism

Residential maids are largely stereotyped as low class house helps that don’t qualify for a second glance. This is clearly not the case in devious maids. The 5 maids succeed in making their job not only professional but even interesting and fun. They pay a lot of attention to personal grooming which makes them look hot and the ever so present “Miss,” or “Ma’am” when addressing their employers points to the professional etiquette they display. This is quite something to run away with!

2. Get a support System

Just like most other maids, the devious maids endure a lot from their employers on a day to day basis. It is clear from the show that working for the crème de la crème of Beverly Hills is no easy task. The interesting and constant thing with the five girls is they have a good habit of convening every now and then not only to gossip but more importantly, to help each other solve their personal problems. They even help sort out financial issues by advancing soft loans to each other- an amazing support system indeed!

3. Being smart is essential

As the name suggests, the maids are truly ‘devious.’ While this may paint a bad picture, it has a silver lining- they try to maximize every moment. Marisol and Carmen are arguably more ‘devious’ than the rest are. For instance, when Carmen realized she can uplift her career by getting close to Alehandro, she did exactly that. Marisol on the other hand, pretends to be a maid just to uncover a murder of her son. In the end, the ladies get what they were looking for. Being “devious” might come in handy in whatever profession you have.

Devious Maids is truly something to look out for both entertainment and learning purposes. It is your fault if you don’t learn something from the TV drama series!

Before I go, just how popular is devious maids? Well, even Andrew McCutchen agrees that it’s the best TV series. That’s right - Andrew McCutchen, admitted to Rolling Stone that his favorite show is devious maids. Enough Said.




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