Why Investing in Other People's Careers Matters

Career success is earned, not bestowed and as such aspirant careerists need to invest in all those things that will promise a thriving professional trajectory. According to Mike Zychinski, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Deloitte LLP, acting with integrity as well as investing in others throughout your career is the cornerstone for a rewarding and booming career.

Building our personal integrity and trust with our fellow professionals takes a lifetime, but it doesn’t much to tear it down. Acting with integrity and revealing your character is important. Given that success is not built on its own right, it also makes perfect sense to invest in others by:

  •  Helping people to develop or grow
  •  Inspiring people
  •  Giving recognition to those who deserve it
  •  Sharing resources and creating synergies with others
  •  Providing accurate feedback
  •  Encouraging others and celebrating their success

According to a saying “A man of success achieves his goals, While a man of significance changes his world.” Investing in other people’s careers and making a great difference in their lives pays great dividends for the individual and yourself. Being attuned to the needs and feelings of other people will help you win their trust and form strong relationships which will in turn help you expand your human capital. 

Watch this video to explore more useful insights on how and why building character and integrity matter to our career success…



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