Why it is Important to Be Yourself at Work

Most of us wouldn’t dare reveal too much about ourselves at work for fear of being judged. Who we live with, our secret celebrity crushes, these are all things most of us would rather keep to ourselves. It’s hard to share your personal info with your chatty colleague from accounting if you know that she will tell the whole office.

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Even if you work in a super relaxed and friendly office, you might want to consider leaving your personal life at the door. Not that you should be stripped of your personality the moment you enter the office, of course. But there’s no need to overshare at work. For example, there’s no need to go into gory details about the full blown fight you had with your partner last night. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t let your true colours shine at work.

Is That a Nervous Breakdown on The Horizon?

As we all very well know, we spend most of our time at work, which means that we spend less time on our own, with our partner, or with our friends. Now imagine if you never let your true self shine at work, wouldn’t that be a bit constricting?

This is especially true if you are a friendly, or chatty person that needs some kind of human interaction to stay sane. If you try to keep to yourself too much at work, then you’ll eventually go crazy. Or worse! Have a nervous breakdown.

It Makes You Better at Your Job

When we were hired, someone saw something in us which made them want to hire us and think we’d be the best people for the job. So, it doesn’t make very much sense to stop being yourself, does it?

When we first get a job, we tend to keep ourselves under lock and key when it comes to just about everything. Whether that’s taking initiative or showing passion for our work, we think that we should confine ourselves. That’s because we are uncertain about everything, and we don’t want to end up making too much of a mess. But, while it’s fine to take your time in getting to know the lay of the land, don’t forget to have a deadline for when to stop not being yourself. Always remember that eventually you need to get back to being you with all of your quirks because that’s exactly why they hired you.

You’ll Have More Chances to Advance in Your Career

Think of your office, who does the boss like best? The quiet person who keeps to his corner? Or the person who won’t think twice before disagreeing with him if he thinks the boss’s new idea is stupid? Of course, it’s the latter, because bosses want one thing alone, and that’s for their business to do well. So if you have no opinions on how to do that, what good are you?

Not that you should disagree with something just for the sake of disagreeing of course, but if there’s something you feel strongly about, don’t be shy in saying so. And if you think that your boss had a great idea, and you know how to make it better go ahead and say so. Your boss will surely appreciate that, especially when promotion time comes around. Any boss would much rather go for the person who speaks his mind, than the person with the personality of a wet blanket and no ideas to contribute.

Being yourself at work is never easy, especially if you are the odd one out. However, every office needs its weirdo and why shouldn’t it be you?

Do you find it hard to be yourself at work? Have you managed to overcome this obstacle? Share it with us in the comment section below.