Why It Is Important to Hire the Right Person

Hiring is a challenging task that takes time, effort and energy. Getting it right is even harder – particularly in today’s turbulent economic climate. In today’s vicious employment environment, it is more important than ever to get the hiring process as accurate as possible. A single bad hire can cost a company thousands of pounds in expenses, thus, a good hire is absolutely indispensible for any company, whatever its size. By hiring the right people, a company can efficiently and successfully succeed.

While hiring the right people may seem more apparent in smaller companies, it is also fundamental in larger companies. It is difficult, costly and time consuming to make errors during the hiring process and although oftentimes these errors are unforeseen, there are certain steps that can be adopted to eliminate these difficulties.

Quality of service

Some companies depend entirely on the strength of their employees to perform services. Even those that make or sell products depend on people to perform those activities. No machine can ever replace the ability of humans to think, create and act appropriately. It is therefore crucial to get the hiring process as accurate as possible. However the influx of highly qualified people into the marketplace has made it even harder for recruiters to find the right candidate. Recruiters are limited by time and money – the longer a position is left unfilled, the more expensive it becomes for the recruiter.

Understanding your needs

When hiring it is fundamental to have a comprehensive understanding of who, and what, you are looking for before beginning the recruitment process. Without careful planning, you may end up interviewing the wrong people, the interview process could go terribly wrong, which will ultimately result in you hiring the wrong person.


Recruitment and selection is a very expensive procedure and it is therefore better to spend money hiring the right person that spending less time and money ending up with the wrong person. By hiring the wrong individual, you will be forced to pay redundancy payments to incorrectly placed staff, and your company will have to go through the entire process again, thus spending more time, and more money, trying to find the right person.

Many companies use a number of techniques to find candidates, including registering with a recruitment agency, signing up to an online database, and posting adverts in print media. all of these techniques cost money and the longer the position is available, the more expensive it is going to be for the recruiter.

Making the final decisions

It is very difficult to ascertain whether the candidate you are interviewing will be a successful employee or not, without some objective data about that person. However there are certain techniques that can be adopted to enhance a recruiter’s chances of hiring the right person. In addition to the interview, it is recommended to conduct aptitude tests that are specific to the job you are hiring for. This will assist you in filtering through the applicants that you have interviewed, to get one step closer to the right candidate.