Why it is not Necessary to be Smart All the Time

surprised women with glasses

Isn’t it awesome to be the smartest person in the room, or even in your company? Intelligence can be a real confidence-booster, helping you to find your place within your company or in the company of others.

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Sadly, intelligence has its drawbacks! Many people find intelligent people "off-putting" or "annoying" or "arrogant". Sometimes, it’s better to save your intelligence for the right occasion. You don’t need to be smart all the time, and here’s why:

You’ll Avoid Irritating People

Imagine if someone else was always correcting your mistakes or showing you that you weren’t as intelligent as them. Kinda frustrating, right?

Sometimes, it’s better just to let people persist in their fallacies or errors. Correcting people all the time makes them feel like you’re "putting on airs" or trying to "prove your superiority", and it will annoy them with no end.

You’ll Be Happier

You know how they say that "ignorance is bliss"? This is VERY true, which is why many of the most intelligent people in the world tend to be depressed and unhappy.

If you see mistakes all around you, you have to suppress the urge to address or correct them. When you can’t, you may feel frustrated, which can lead to stress and unhappiness. This is why it’s better to "turn off the smarts" every once in a while. If you can ignore the mistakes and problems and just enjoy life, you’ll be less frustrated--and thus a lot happier!

You’ll Be More Social

Did you know that people with high IQs tend to have low EQs? EQ is your "emotional quotient", meaning your ability to empathize, understand others’ emotions, and feel the way they feel. People with low EQs usually have social challenges, so they end up feeling isolated or misunderstood by those around them.

For this reason, you don’t need to be smart all the time. You don’t need to logically analyze everything or evaluate everything with a scientific mind. Instead, flex your EQ muscles every now and again. Spend more time listening to what people are saying and less time correcting them. You’ll be more social, you’ll find more pleasure in social interactions, and you will be easier for others to like as well.

You’ll Miss Out on Fewer Opportunities

Is it "smart" to stand up in front of a crowd and humiliate yourself by singing karaoke? No, but it’s fun! Is it "smart" to drink more than your body can handle and do crazy things? No, but it’s fun!

If you’re always trying to do the "smart" thing, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun in life! Sometimes, it’s better to just be "ignorant" like everyone else, ignore the consequences you "know" will come about, and let the fun happen. It may be a lot more enjoyable than you could imagine!

You’ll Have an Easier Life

Highly intelligent people have a habit of being hard on themselves. After all, they reason, they were gifted their intelligence for a reason, so they feel frustrated and stressed if they’re not doing something great or achieving something in life.

But you can’t always be "doing" and "achieving". Sometimes you have to just kick back and enjoy the little things in life--even the silly things like going out with friends, dancing at a club, drinking too much, playing video games, or sitting and doing nothing. If you’re not always trying to be as smart as you feel you should be, you’ll feel less pressure to do and be more, and you’ll find more enjoyment in life.

Yes, you are a highly intelligent person, but that doesn’t mean you have to let that intelligence rule your life! Take control of your smarts, and use it to help you advance your career and personal life--not hinder you.

Do you agree that it is not necessary to be smart all the time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.