Why Kids Who Misbehave End up Earning More Money

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It’s now scientifically proven that breaking the rules as a child will pay off as an adult. In fact, it will help you earn more than your rule conforming peers. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and break some rules.

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According to a study published in the Journal of Developmental Psychology, defiant kids end up with more money than their peers who weren’t so keen on breaking rules. The study examined the characteristics and behavioural patterns of over 700 kids aged 12 and then followed them all the way to the age of 52 to determine success, both in terms of career and income.

Kids Who Were Defiant Earn More

The study took into consideration various characteristics such as parents’ socioeconomic situation and IQ, as well as aspects of one’s personality such as impatience. But, scientists found that in spite of what their IQ was, or how much their parents earned, kids who were rule-breakers in their early years were consistently more successful than their peers later on in life.

What Does This Mean for Parents?

We all want our kids to be successful, especially if this means that they’ll be able to lead more comfortable lives. But, if it means that your kids need to start breaking rules what do you do?

Well, you probably don’t want your kids to start breaking windows and damaging school property to show their defiance. Instead, you can help them understand which rules are important to follow and which rules are okay to ignore.

You can help them find their voice when they disagree with someone and you can encourage them to challenge views which are too conformist. If, for example, your child is struggling to understand something they were told in school you need to help them understand that things might not be exactly as they were told and that it’s okay to have an opposing view to what their teacher told them.

Help Your Kids Find Challenges

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is that they shelter their kids from anything that would shatter their world. However, raising people who are too protected means that you are raising people who will struggle later on in life because reality is harsh. So, allow your kids to deal with challenges on their own and don’t deliver everything to them. This will help your children find their voice and it will help them understand that they shouldn’t conform to everything. They will learn how to navigate society to achieve what they want.

Let your children disagree with you and make them prove to you why they are right and you’re wrong as this enhance their abilities to challenge the status-quo and thus offers them more opportunities to be successful later in life.

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Were you a rule-breaking kid? How did that work out for you? Let us know in the comment section below.