Why People Reach Success And Then Fail?

Why people reach success and then fail? In this TED Talk, Richard St. John, a well-known success expert, manages to come up with a clever response. He says that people fail after reaching success because they think that success is a one-way street. They work hard, focus, push, and improve, but then they reach they goal, sit in a chair, relax, and find themselves going downhill. How to prevent this from happening? According to Richard, we must begin to perceive success as a continuous journey, rather than as a one-way street.

Richard St. John has spent more than 10 years researching the lessons of success. He questioned over 200 extremely successful people from a variety of disciplines, asking them what helped them succeed. Then, by analyzing and correlating all the words that these people mentioned, he came up with a list of 8 most common traits of successful people. He calls these The 8 Principles of Success.

They include:

  • Passion
  • Work
  • Focus
  • Push
  • Ideas
  • Improve
  • Serve
  • Persist

In this video, Richard refers to his own personal experience and explains how he adhered to these principles and became very successful. Then, however, he started getting lazy. He stopped improving because he thought that he doesn’t need to improve anymore. He stopped generating ideas because he was sure that they will pop out themselves. Although initially being focused on clients and projects rather than on money, he started earning lots of money thus forgetting all about clients and projects. His passion for work vanished as he got into stuff he didn’t enjoy doing. All in all, once he was successful, he stopped adhering to the 8 principles of success. He thought the world is his, and then the world crumbled in front of his eyes.

Eventually, his business failed and he inevitably stopped being successful. It took him 7 years of adhering to the principles from the beginning to become successful again. It was then when he learned the lesson: Success isn’t a one-way street, it is a continuous journey. As he notes, the 8 principles of success must not be followed only to become successful, but also to sustain success.

What the video has to teach you?

The lesion to be taken from this TED Talk is simple: Once you reach your goals and think of yourself as successful, you must not become lazy. If you feel as if there is no more need for improvement, persistence, and new ideas, you should recognize that this kind of thinking will only make you fail. Success doesn’t only need to be attained, it needs to be maintained as well. Keep adhering to the principles that made you successful and you will avoid the possibility of failure.


Image source: Richard St John




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