Why Resumes are Redundant to Recruiters

How many times have you received resumes for a job vacancy and realized that each one is almost identical? Too many? This is because the standard resume document is becoming redundant in a competitive jobs market.

Every good job seeker knows the art to writing a tailored resume for a job, and this means that most resume applications end up being very much the same. It is also difficult to extract a candidate’s personality from a standard resume, and unless the candidate has taken the time to design a unique and eye catching application, each candidate will simply appear the same to you. As recruiters, we are also very much aware that candidates tend to fabricate or even lie on their resume to show off their skills in the best possible light; another reason why trusting a standard resume can be potentially dangerous for you as an employer.

Here are the top reasons why resumes are a thing of the past!

#1 Traditional layout equals a boring read!

#2 Full of irrelevant information

#3 2 x A4 pages can be too long when needing to review at speed

#4 Candidates appear the same as each resume looks almost identical

#5 Resumes do not give the candidate a chance to highlight their personality and character

Suggested alternatives to requesting resume applications from candidates

There are many different options available if you want to prevent candidates from sending you a traditional 2-page resume document. Here are some suggestions…

  • State on your job advert that resume applications are open to interpretation (this will give candidates the freedom to apply in a manner that they see fit)
  • Request creative applications
  • Inform candidates that applications much be in video format
  • Ask candidates to showcase their personality in their job application
  • Emphasis that the most unique and eye catching applications will make it to interview stage
  • Ask for social media links to candidate profiles rather than resume applications

Creativity is key


The most creative of job applications will show you that the candidate has not only put a lot of thought into it, but that they have spent a lot of time preparing their application. The more creative and appealing an application is, the more likely it is that they candidate will fit into the ethos of your company. Ideally, you want to hire someone who is truly passionate and motivate by the job, and so by making candidates create their own job application, you are effectively testing just how passionate they are about the job!