Why Revealing Your Salary is Not an Option

When it comes to job applications and interviews, one of the most uncomfortable situations that a job applicant could experience is being asked on one’s current salary. There are particular things that people do not want to reveal to people they don’t know. Sometimes, even the closest family members are not privy to personal information such as salaries. Therefore, it is a must that job applicants should not disclose their current salary. Headhunter Nick Corcodilos discusses why revealing salary is not an option.

Keeping Mum on your Salary

Nick of ‘Ask the Headhunter’ urges job seekers and applicants to not fall prey to companies and businesses which would require the disclosure of current salary. While it is true that many businesses would pass this off as a company policy and so require applicants to disclose their salary otherwise they would be unable to proceed with the application, there are ways to avoid revealing one’s salary to prospective employers.

  • Avoid online application which requires disclosure of salary

Online application would sometimes have automated forms which require applicants to fill in all mandatory fields. If one of the fields is not properly filled up, then the form is rejected and not submitted.

If this is the case, try applying directly to the company by sending your resume and application letter online or by handing it in personally. A lot of the jobs available, even in large corporations, are filled up this way. A personal application would also have more impact than one done virtually.

  • When asked directly and openly about your current salary, have a ready answer

Sometimes when questions are asked point blank, it rattles most people into giving honest answers which are too revealing. Be ready to provide an answer that would politely decline and turn the question into an opportunity to pitch your qualities and why you are worth hiring.

Your worth is not based on the currently salary that you are making but on your talents and abilities. Employers would already have a salary range for the jobs offered as they can base it on industry practices and analysis.

  • Give your salary requirements without revealing your current salary

The important thing to remember about job applications is that the focus should be on the prospective job and not your history. There is no need to divulge your salary for the company to determine whether you are suitable for the job vacancy or not. While your experience and training could have a bearing on the job itself, your salary wouldn’t.

If the reason why you are tempted to reveal your salary is to get a better offer, lead the employer to the salary requirements that you expect. If you are a certified accountant, you can make a reference on your licensure to negotiate a better offer.

It should be noted that current salary would have no bearing on an applicant’s suitability for a job. Regardless how much or how little you are currently making, the job would be offered to you if you are qualified and suitable for the position. Businesses would have a better knowledge on the salary range of the jobs they are offering. So don’t get yourself bullied into revealing your salary and thinking that there is no other option but to do so. Companies can offer you the job without having to know about your salary.

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