Why Should You Request a Klout Score?

The skeptics have claimed that a candidate’s Klout score is not only misrepresentative of a person’s true social influence, but that it can be so easily manipulated, that it in effect has no real baring on an applicant’s suitability to a job. However, a Klout score cannot be completely dismissed, especially by those companies who have a large social media presence. Businesses that use social media to target their main audience should therefore pay attention to a candidate’s Klout score.

What is a Klout score?

For those who are unfamiliar with what a Klout score is; it is a calculation of your social influence by combining all of your social media profiles (such as Facebook and Twitter). The calculation is based on the number of friends and followers you have, your interaction with people, number of tweets and retweets gained, amongst many other statistics.

 Why should you care about a Klout score?

If your business is built on social media presence then employing individuals with a high Klout score could be one of the best decisions you make. It is all very well for an applicant to have a marketing degree, or several years of experience in PR, but it they are not familiar with how to interact through social media, or do not have the ability to engage the right target market, then they may be completely useless for the position you are hiring for. A Klout score helps individuals back up their social media knowledge and online reach; therefore, it is important for recruiters to take these scores into consideration.

Requesting a Klout score will allow you to:

  • Check how media savvy the applicant is (do they know what Klout is?)
  • Obtain a rough estimation of a candidate’s social reach
  • Filter your candidate list down

Avoid basing decision purely on Klout

Although there are benefits of requesting a Klout score, you must acknowledge that a decision based purely on this score is unadvisable. Scores can be manipulated whereby twitter followers and Facebook likes are ‘purchased’ by the package, also, the audience that the candidate is able to reach through their social influence may be irrelevant to your business. It is therefore important that you take the Klout score in perspective.