Why Swearing at Work Should Always Be Avoided

Yes we get stressed, frustrated, upset even, but swearing at work is never acceptable, even if your boss swears and gets away with it, it is unlikely you will! Swearing at work could offend your co-workers, create a negative working environment, and even get you fired! So be considerate and above all, very careful of the language you use.

Here are the top reasons why swearing at work should be avoided at all costs…

#1 You will lower the tone of a conversation

Swear is seen as a very crass and rude way of talking, especially in a professional working environment.

#2 You could cause offense

Many people will take offense to swearing, whether you are swearing at them or not, just hearing swear words could cause them upset and result in a complaint being lodged against you.

#3 Create a negative environment

It is important to maintain a positive outlook at work, especially in times of pressure and deadlines, thus it is important that you avoid swearing at people or about stressful work situations as this will immediately create a negative and worrying work environment.

#4 Breaking office rules

You may find that a non-swearing code is included in your office rules and regulations, so by swearing, you are effectively breaking the ‘rules’ which could land you in hot water with management!

#5 You could get fired

Depending on what you have said, to who, and the level of upset or offense you have caused, you could find that your swearing leaves management no choice but to let you go. You could be the best employee they have ever had, but if you swear or actively aim to upset and offend others in the workplace, it will not matter how skilled you are; you will still lose your job.


Essentially, your work environment should remain professional at all times, and it is important that you remember not to treat your office, and co-workers, how you would do if you were at home. You may regularly swear in your spare time or at weekends, you may even have friends that find your swearing funny, but when it comes to a professional workplace, you must respect the fact that it is not acceptable and should be avoided at all costs.