Why Switching Careers Pays Off [Video]

Changing careers is a risky business, but sometimes it’s worth it. The managing editor of the Financial Times and author of The Silo Effect, Allison Fass, says that you shouldn’t stay in the same career your whole life. In fact, she thinks that everyone should have the courage to try their luck in a different sector as this will help them change the way they work and eventually the way society works as a whole.

So, if you agree with Fass, each decision you make can open you up to a range of great experiences and lead you somewhere you never thought you would be. However, the most important thing is to equip yourself with the right skills throughout the journey and make sure that you produce meaningful work.

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Check out this video from Inc. to listen to what Fass has to say about changing careers, and feel free to leave any comments in the comments section below…




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