Why Taking Naps Should be Encouraged in the Workplace

Some people may frown upon the idea of taking a nap at work. Many assume it is a sign of laziness. However if you want to get the best out of employees it is better to encourage a midday nap. Many progressive companies encourage mid-day naps for their employees to recharge.

In the tech industry, napping has become popular. It is not surprising to encourage such in an industry where developers are often required to work long hours. Having a laid back environment can boost productivity and such practice has been discovered to attract top talent. Google is among the top tech companies who encourages napping. Google also provides an ideal environment for napping with reclining chairs that sit in a large bubble and has built-in music to produce soothing sounds.

Another company that encourages napping is software marketing company, Hubspot. Their nap room has a hammock suspended above a luxurious carpet and beautiful walls. Such nap rooms help you to re-energize, strengthen your focus and be more productive for the rest of the day. With the nap room, employees can balance the demands of work and home life as napping rids you of the battle against fatigue and tiredness.

A 2008 study showed that having a power nap is more powerful than caffeine.  According to a NASA study a nap of just 26 minutes can increase productivity by 34 percent. The study also shows that a nap can boost alertness by 54 percent.

When a company can tap into this model of offering rest to its employees, the company repositions itself as a progressive and dynamic place to work. Making presentations, conducting interviews, attending business meetings, and managing projects could be draining for your employees, especially if they do not observe a full night’s sleep. Yet a nap could pay back some of a lost night’s sleep, and energy is regained. As little as a 30 minute nap can prove very effective for an employee.

Even though the benefits of napping is tremendous and the idea of napping is becoming more popular, many companies still resist the notion of having employees sleep on the job. Napping doesn’t mean slacking off, but rather an energizer.

If you want to encourage napping in your workplace here are three things to consider.

#1 Build a Separate Room

Locate it in a quiet part of the office. A quiet room with couches or a sleep pod will encourage employees to take a nap. Such space will encourage the body to shut down as some find it difficult to adapt to napping.

#2 Timing naps appropriately is essential

When a nap is properly timed it makes a huge difference. For example a nap before a meeting or a major presentation would prove beneficial to your performance whether in productivity or alertness.

#3 Make napping part of company culture

When employees know they do not have to sneak to get some sleep, they will be more comfortable and sincere to their employers when it comes to performance and rest. Sending a message to your employees that naps are not frowned upon but encouraged will bring the best out of them.

What do you think about naps, can they prove beneficial if introduced to your workplace?