Why This Entrepreneur Doesn’t Need Work-Life Balance [Video]

Entrepreneurs are so busy that you are lucky enough if you get a minute to talk to them. In addition to managing employees, there are also have tons of other things they need to worry about – including dealing with hundreds of emails and all of that in just one day. With all of these never-ending responsibilities, you can’t help but wonder how entrepreneurs manage to balance work and life.   

Jason Lucash, Founder and CEO of OrigAudio, decided to talk about his life as an entrepreneur and everything that comes with it. Even though Lucash works 18 hours a day to get all his work finished, because his wife is supportive, she doesn’t complain. Lucash describes himself as a workaholic with a strong work ethic and says that his business and phone are his life, and there is no day that passes he doesn’t check his emails, whether he is on holiday or even getting married.

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Despite being so passionate about his business, the real secret to achieving to his success is his spouse who supports Lucash in everything he does and believes in his career dreams and aspirations. Check out this video to find out how this entrepreneur manages to do it and hopefully, pick up a few pearls of wisdom yourself.

So how’s your work-life balance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…




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