Why Use Recruitment Agencies When Filling a Vacancy

The recruitment process can be very time consuming and many companies seeking to fill a number of job vacancies cannot afford to spend the necessary time and resources in finding the ideal candidate. Oftentimes, a recruiter will be a company director or a departmental manager, and so they will typically want to recruit the necessary individuals with as little disruption to their daily tasks and deadlines as possible.

Recruitment agencies can prove integral to the successful and efficient hiring of a candidate for a specific job vacancy. Companies looking for a new employee can enlist the services of a professional recruitment consultancy to do the initial research and candidate screening on their behalf. The most time consuming part of the recruitment process is filtering down the many CV applications to construct a list of qualified, experienced and relevant candidates for the job. A recruitment agency can advertise the job post on their online network, screen all potential candidates and assess their suitability for the role, before sending the qualifying CVs to the hiring company. This will save the recruiting company a significant amount of time prior to engaging in the interview stages of the recruitment process.

Many companies using recruitment agencies to help them meet their requirement needs will have a preferred suppliers list (PSL), which is a list of recruitment firms that the company uses to find their ideal candidate. This ensures all methods are exhausted and only the most qualified, and relevant candidates are located and short listed for interview. By using the same recruitment agencies for each of your job vacancies, you can ensure that the agencies are fully accustomed to the exact type of candidate you are looking for. It is often difficult for recruitment consultancies to gage the company ethos and working environment without having a long lasting working relationship with the hiring company, and often times they will short list candidates that are not suited to the company on a personal or professional level. By maintaining a PSL, hiring companies can invite their chosen agencies to the office to help them understand the type of working atmosphere and culture the company adopts.

Due to the current market being saturated with recruitment consultancies, if has become even easier for hiring companies to negotiate a competitive rate of service. This means that companies are reducing overall costs and time spent engaging in the recruitment process, allowing them to focus their efforts on more prioritizing matters.

Most companies will not have the manpower or necessary resources to go through hundreds of CVs that have been sent directly to the company in response to their job vacancy. By advertising the position through a recruitment agency, hopeful candidates are forced to apply via the agency, and only where they pass the initial screening stage, will they have communication with the hiring company.

Particularly when recruiting for specialist roles, companies favor using recruitment consultancies that are experienced in hiring good candidates with a certain skill set or expertise. Searching for candidates that have a certain qualification or expertise, and whom work within a particular industry, can be very difficult. Therefore, it is often more efficient to outsource the initial candidate screening to a recruitment agency that have experience in recruiting for such roles.

It is important to recognize that although there may be some drawbacks in using external recruitment agencies, the overall saving in time, effort, money and resources prevail. Not all job vacancies will require the use of a specialist recruitment consultancy and many positions can be filled without the need for external assistance, however when hiring positions of extreme importance it is advised to seek professional assistance.