Why We Shouldn't Take ‘No’ For an Answer

No kind of rejection feels great, and sometimes it feels unfathomable and devastating, but it shouldn’t take away the happiness you deserve to have in your life. However, it takes an extremely strong character to resist the myriad challenges and setbacks that constantly confront us every day.

Develop Self Awareness

Never take a ‘no’ for an answer. Always believe in your own abilities and strength of character. To do so, you need to assess yourself and define the qualities that enable you to take over your instincts and carry out your will freely. This will help you cope with adversities and climb upwards in the face of obstacles.

Unleash Your Inner Leader

Also, embody the personality of a leader: be proactive and take the necessary steps to cope with whatever weather conditions come. You should neither complain about the wind nor expect the wind conditions to get better.

In this video, Stephanie McMahon, Chief brand officer, WWE shares some of the best advice on how to remain in the forefront when someone or something prevents you from getting ahead.