Why You Are Going to Have a Slash Career and Love It

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Today, you are more likely to have multiple side jobs instead of a single full-time job than ever before. Doing more than just one thing for your career has become a popular trend. This seems to be working for young people and especially millennials who are getting involved in many projects at the same time. These people are now called the ‘slashes’ after having embraced their ‘writer/entrepreneur/photographer’ career title.

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Slashing has become fashionable due to the need to create a career that will allow people to live comfortably on a job – or jobs, that can provide financial security as well as the time to work on what they enjoy. And that’s not a bad thing.

In her book One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success, Marci Alboher suggests that everyone should unleash their many identities. As the author says, ‘slashes’ are people who are choosing to pursue multiple careers simultaneously and prefer to retain their many career interests. Alboher who is also pursuing a slash career as a lawyer-turned-journalist/speaker/writing coach, says that the ‘slash movement’ has several benefits.

In fact, having a slash career can be more beneficial than keeping just one job. While this might mean that you won’t become an expert in just one thing, Abloher believes quite the opposite. She thinks that slashing can help you become better at your original occupation, by exposing you to other experiences and helping you approach work through a different kind of lense.  

If you need more reasons to consider a slash career here they are:

It gives you variety

Working on multiple things, means that you will never get bored in your career. So this career lifestyle will always allow you some time to go after your interests and earn a few dollars here and there. 

It makes you more interesting

Your multiple professions can make you more marketable to potential employers and clients. This means that a slash career makes it easier for you to promote yourself and as such expand your professional network bringing you closer to new opportunities.

It makes you more adaptable/flexible

Some people say that having more than one job can be stressful. But the way I see it, a slash career can give you a better work-life balance since you have the ability to make up your own work schedule. Also, it allows you to keep up with current job trends and stay in the game.

It offers you multiple sources of income

This is the reason many people choose to take up more than a job. The need to cover life expenses has encouraged workers to try out alternative ways of generating income. Those who aren’t afraid to uncover their many identities, find slashing the best way to earn more money.

It allows you to combine security and passion

The best thing about having a slash career is that you get to combine job security, money and passion. So if the field you are interested in can’t bring you the big bucks you need to pay the rent, you can still work on your passion project – let’s say singing, while having another job(s) to help you make a living.

Building a slash career in multiple fields is the way forward. Would you ever consider it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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