Why You Should Follow Your Gut Feeling [Video]

Life is full of predictions. Your parents predict your future and your teachers help you align it with societal expectations. At the young age of seventeen you are expected to finish school, and use what little you have learned about the world to help you make the critical decision: university or work? The pressure is on, and you need to decide quickly whether to go into further education or employment to meet their expectations – or so you thought.

Mangus Walker represents the minority when he speaks in this TED video. By following his instinct, Walker chose to do something that not many people have done. After having left school at the age of fifteen, he admits to not having many options to begin with, nor any plans as to how to get into a career. When he decided to leave England for ‘the land of opportunity’, going after the American Dream, Walker managed to make his passion a reality and currently owns a clothing company, a film location business and a huge collection of classic Porsches.

When he was asked how he and the people that helped him managed to build his dream, Walker responded “we followed our instinct”! In this, he shares his own journey to how he managed to make all of this happen while ignoring what societal norms dictated.

But is it really that simple? I mean I agree that nobody should tell you what career to follow, or what you should do in your life, but isn’t this too risky? What do you guys think? Would you risk everything, travel to another country and start over?