Why You Should See a Rejection as an Awesome Thing

No one likes to get rejected, whether in the personal or professional world. However, for this article, dealing with rejection in the professional arena will be addressed. If you can learn how to change your perspective and view a rejection as an awesome thing, you can move mountains in your professional life and succeed in your career. Challenging your perspective—with regard to the positive effect that rejections can have on your life—will open your eyes to a new way of living.

Challenging Your Perspective

Many times we get stuck in a rut after receiving a rejection and miss out on other opportunities that have come our way. Maybe you received a rejection for the job you hoped to get. You might have gotten passed over for that promotion you had your sights set on. Maybe you were not chosen to become a team member on that new project at work that you were dying to be part of. Whatever the rejection, it’s time to break outside the shell of your negative perspective and see life in a new light. It’s true that rejections hurt and wound our pride. However, the individuals who have learned to see these obstacles as positive stepping stones are the ones who are conquering the world. Don’t you want to conquer your own world?

Reasoning with Yourself

A reason is basically a motive or objective for why you are doing something. During this process of challenging your perspective to begin to see a rejection as an awesome thing, you need to reason with yourself. You must become a neutral party and be able to see both sides of the issue. When you can see all the benefits of a transformed rejection, you will become a winner.

  • Negative View – If you take the negative viewpoint of a rejection, you fall into the trap of thinking that you’re a failure. You will never amount to anything. This rejection can become a powerful negative force that rules your life and deters you from ever taking any risks in the future. Your career can become stunted and you may lose your drive to succeed and become that world conqueror that loves life and accomplishes goals.
  • Positive View – Those individuals who learn how to see a rejection as a positive thing will break free from a negative mindset. They will realize that they got rejected. So what? Positive people can move on and turn that rejection into a life-changing and growing experience. When they’re rejected, these individuals will walk away from the situation with a dogged determination to face facts, deal with their faults, learn from their mistakes, and become that world conqueror that follows their dreams to success.

Cultivating a Positive Perspective

If you want to move mountains and see rejections as awesome things, you must cultivate a positive perspective. When you cultivate that positive outlook on life, you will most definitely increase your chances of succeeding in your career and making a difference in the world. Consider the following factors during your rejection-transformation process.

  • Motivation – Seeing rejection as an awesome thing motivates you to persevere through any obstacle coming your way. Doing that will defy all odds in your life so you succeed.
  • Confidence – People who value the transformative power of a rejection have learned how to become positive, self-confident individuals who know how to affect change.
  • Mentoring – When you see rejection as a positive factor in life, you will be able to mentor others in similar situations that need encouragement to keep persevering.
  • Risk-Taking – Individuals who see rejections as a positive thing are able to transform the negative situation into one where they will move on to the next risk or opportunity.
  • Fact-Finding – People who can see the rejection as a learning experience are able to accept their faults and grow from the situation. They will succeed in their careers.

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Become a rejection transformer and learn to find ways to make lemonade out of lemons. Rejections can become a positive growing factor in your life, if you allow it to develop you as a person. So, are you becoming a world conqueror each day?