Why You Should Speak Your Mind Rather Than Be Accepted by Everyone

Most of us want to be accepted and loved by everyone. No one wants to be the person who’s ignored at the office, so we work really hard at trying to fit in. That can mean keeping quiet when you’d really rather say something. If you’ve worked for longer than a few months at any job, you know that you won’t ever please all your colleagues. Sometimes that happens because you speak your mind and don’t care who in the office accepts you or not. However, being the persona non grata who is not accepted at work can bring you down—unless you realize that there are some good reasons why you should speak your mind. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to be true to yourself and tell it like it is in the workplace, read on. You might relate to some of the five reasons discussed below.

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1. It Benefits Your Mental & Physical Well Being


The number one reason that you should spill the beans at work (and not the flatulent gaseous kind) is that you will increase the benefits to your mental and physical well-being. Imagine dealing with a coworker who has been driving you nuts by coming round your cubicle five times a day to chatter on incessantly about nonsense. That can quickly drive you insane. However, if you find the courage to shut them down in a professional and polite manner, you’ll be doing both you and this person a favor. Hopefully they’ll finally realize how annoying they’ve been and how much of a distraction they are and you will relieve your stress level. Any time you can lower the stressors coming at you each day, you’ll be more mentally stable and have fewer traumas on your body. So, the next time you’d rather keep your thoughts to yourself—even if you’re busting at the seams to let them out—speak your mind and tell your coworker how you feel.

2. It Demonstrates You’re Not a Push-Over

No one wants to be perceived as the office push-over, unless that is, you enjoy being walked over and taken advantage of at every turn. Voicing your opinion is an important part of demonstrating that you’re not easily pushed around. If you keep quiet when an overbearing colleague continually dumps extra work on your plate, you’re going to blow a fuse at some point. Don’t think that by staying silent and willingly accepting what this person is doing, it’s going to make you his best friend. More likely, you’ll become his gofer and you’ll never break free from the chains. Not to mention that his buddies might start using you for the office slave as well. So, gather up your courage and tell this person to stop using you. Who cares if this office bully accepts you or not. Speak your mind and show everyone that you won’t be bullied. Consider the consequences of waiving your right to talk just so that you are accepted.

3. Unexpected Connections Can Be Made

You might not realize it, but sometimes freely sharing your opinion at work can help you to make unexpected connections with other people. Maybe you’ll find yourself in the midst of a staff meeting, quietly listening to everyone sharing their thoughts on an office issue or team project. Usually you don’t speak up and share what’s on your mind. However, if you forget about the fear of being unaccepted you can look everyone in the eye and tell what’s on your mind. More likely than not, you’ll be received well by your colleagues. In the process, you may have even opened doors to connect with other like-minded individuals from your department. You might not have clicked before relationally with them because they’ve never gotten a chance to hear your genuine opinions on things. Embrace the moment and share what’s on your mind. You could find some real office friendships with people at work. Maybe you’ll even find a deeper professional connection with your manager or boss.

4. Your Self-Confidence Level Will Be Boosted

People who tell others what’s truly on their mind are generally confident individuals. They know what they want and how to get it. They’re not afraid to speak their mind. If you practice communicating with your coworkers in an open and honest manner, you will naturally grow your self-confidence level. Being more assured of yourself in the office can only benefit you in further developing your relationships with others in the workplace. When you are more comfortable in your interactions with people, your outlook on how you operate at work will be more positive. You don’t have to worry about fearing whether or not people accept you because your continual openness with everyone is making you a more poised individual—very likable by all in the office. So, you’ll be accepted by people while staying true to yourself and being your own unique person. Knowing that factor about yourself, is a big confidence boost that can take your professional growth and development to new heights.

5. It Can Help Your Career Advancement


Don’t discount how speaking your mind, regardless of people’s opinions, can help to advance your career. Sure, you don’t want to run into your boss’s office like a raging banshee expounding on all the reasons why you think he’s the wrong guy running the company. However, you do want to practice telling him what you think about things that pertain to your own job performance, task requirements and any issues in the workplace; especially if you have intelligent solutions to problems. When you can be open with your boss or manager, that shows that you are a mature and stable professional. Those two qualities are important to management because leaders need to maturely lead others in an expert manner that leads to increased productivity in the workplace. Your boss can see all that from you if you learn how to share your opinions in the right way. When you demonstrate that you can communicate effectively and don’t care about fitting in to the cliques in the office, you’ll end up on the short list for that next promotion.  

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So, the next time you think you’d rather roll your eyes and keep your mouth shut, consider the consequences of your silence. Your mental and physical health could be at risk. You don’t want to cause yourself undue stress just because you’re trying to stifle your opinions so that you fit in at the office. You don’t want to solidify your reputation as the office pushover—unless you like being the office gofer and being bullied around by others. Maybe you’ll make some great connections with people that you never thought you could relate to. After all, no one can read your mind. You need to tell them exactly how you feel. Sharing your opinions in a professional manner will serve you well as your confidence level is boosted. In the end, that will open up many new career opportunities for you.

Have you fallen into the trap of trying to be accepted by people at work and not being able to freely speak your mind? If that’s the case, have any of these reasons to be more open with your opinions, changed your perspective on the matter?