Why you Should Start Eating Breakfast at Your Desk

We all know that eating breakfast is good for us. It prevents overeating later on, it gives us energy and it’s just one of those healthy habits that your mom passed down. But for many of us, breakfast isn’t a daily thing. We have trouble sleeping due to work stress and would rather sleep an extra half an hour in the morning and grab a coffee on our way out the door than prepare an actual morning meal. Making breakfast just seems like so much effort, and we’ve already got enough on our plates. We’re busy. Sound familiar?

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Here’s an idea: start eating breakfast at your desk. Read on to find out why this is the best thing you can do for yourself and your career.

You will actually eat breakfast

This is a pretty good reason to chow down at your computer, right? If you plan to eat this meal when you get to the office every single day of the week, Monday to Friday, there’s no more wondering how you’re going to possibly find the time to cook. Say goodbye to rumbling stomachs that interrupt mid-morning meetings or the feeling that you need 10 coffees to get through the entire work day. You will be more energetic, be full, and be able to stick to that healthy diet that you try so hard to maintain. It’s a simple fact: if you’re not in the breakfast habit, you’re going to skip it. You’re not going to enjoy it at home in your kitchen before you get ready and leave for work. So start eating it at work and you will be so much happier and healthier for it.

You can plan ahead

Breakfast at your desk is going to look a lot different to the long and lazy weekend breakfast that includes freshly made waffles and bacon. You’re going to need to bring easy food that doesn’t get ruined during transport and is not all that hard or complicated to prepare. That means planning ahead.

If we’re organized and we look ahead, we can succeed. That’s true of that deadline that’s fast approaching and it’s also true of making food ahead so we actually eat well. There are so many fun breakfast options that you can bring to the office. Make a batch of granola, for example, and enjoy with a small yogurt of your preferred brand. Add a banana or an apple and you’ve got a pretty well-balanced breakfast. You can even make a few easy breakfast burritos. Just bake whole-wheat tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, salsa and sweet potato, and freeze them. Then just grab one from your freezer and heat up in your office kitchen. It’s also likely that it will almost defrost during your commute and you can enjoy it cold if that’s your thing. Delicious and easy.

Your office microwave: your new best friend

The microwave is a miracle of an appliance, and that has never been truer than in your office kitchen. It’s basically your only option for heating food up, since you don’t exactly have a gourmet kitchen stocked with a stove and oven. And what breakfast goes well with microwaves? That would be oatmeal. Once seen as a boring and somewhat flavourless breakfast option that your mom would make you eat when you were a kid because it was healthy, oatmeal is now trendy and featured on several popular vegan food blogs. There’s Overnight Oats which you can soak in milk and a banana in the fridge so you wake up to an already made breakfast. You could definitely bring those to work, but warm oatmeal might be more appealing and comforting, especially when you’re gearing up for a crazy busy work day. So your best bet is to bring some oats -either soaked overnight as the above recipe suggests or dry- and heat them up in your office microwave. You can add a can of coconut milk to make the oats super creamy, or go for the dairy or non-dairy milk of your choice. The toppings are endless and this is where you can really get a bunch of nutrients in, which will boost your mood. Try a scoop of sunflower seed butter for a peanut butter alternative, some slices of banana, and even a few chocolate chips if you’ve got a sweet tooth or craving.

The best part about oats? They are incredibly filling because they have so much fiber. That’s good news for you since it will keep your energy levels high at the office. It will also make you less likely to want a massive lunch or too many junk food snacks.

You can keep breakfast food at work

Bread, nut butter, fruit -these are all typical healthy morning foods, and as a bonus, they don’t spoil super quickly. Keep some ingredients in your office kitchen cupboards and fridge, or even in your desk drawers if you have the space. Then you can whip up different breakfasts every morning while using a combination of those ingredients.

You can’t go wrong with a quick breakfast sandwich with almond butter and strawberries. Switch it up and try blueberries one day and even peaches the next.

You can mix things up

Boredom is what kills a healthy habit before it even truly begins. If you used to eat the same breakfast every single morning and now you call a paper cup from Starbucks your morning fuel, you might think breakfast means a plain fried egg over a piece of whole-wheat toast. No flavour, no excitement. No one wants to enjoy that five mornings a week. If you eat breakfast at your desk, that’s the exact definition of a routine, and the last thing you want is to make it a boring routine. You already have so many things about your job that don’t exactly thrill you.

So make it a point to eat something new, if not every day, then every once in a while. Rotate between whole grains: whole-wheat bread one day, oats the next, even quinoa (you can enjoy the trendy grain as you would any cereal with milk and fruit). Variety is the spice of life, they say, and you will be more interested in eating breakfast if you’re having fun changing up the meals.

You already have the time

We often give the excuse that we don’t have time, whether we’re talking about skipping this super important meal or trying to get to the gym. It’s an easy excuse and it may even be true sometimes, but it’s definitely not true if you’re talking about eating breakfast at the office. You know you have to be there at 9 a.m. and so you might as well eat as soon as you get to work.

You can start a Breakfast Club at the office

If you’re not eating breakfast, chances are your fellow coworkers aren’t, either. Why not start a club and get one employee to bring in breakfast for everyone once a week? It will take the pressure off figuring out what you’re going to eat that morning, and it’s a great bonding experience.

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Tired of starving all day long at the office because you didn’t eat breakfast? Want to get into the habit of eating something before noon but think it’s too difficult and too much effort? Those days are over. With these easy tips, you can eat breakfast at your desk five mornings a week and you will be able to focus all day long.