Why You Should Take the GMAT

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Aptitude Test, is the principal means of admission into MBA courses the world over. It’s accepted by almost 6,000 graduate programs around the world, so if you want to study business and management at graduate level, it’s almost certain that you’ll need to take this relatively simple test.

The good folks at ThinkVidya have compiled a simple infographic to help convince you of the importance of the GMAT (if you need convincing). First up is that taking the test highlights that you’re taking your MBA seriously. I’ve taken the test myself and it does require some preparation, especially if your maths skills have grown a little rusty over the years.

The test aims to test a variety of skills, both in written communication and quantitative reasoning. The test itself is split into English and maths, and a good score on both will be required to succeed.

As with other forms of exam, the different business schools require a minimum score on the GMAT, and this score is often used as a proxy to measure the reputation of the school.

You can take the test up to five times a year, although all of your scores are available to any admissions tutors, so they can see if you’ve had several ’practice runs’.

The scores you obtain, however, are valid for up to five years, so you have a bit of time to apply once you have your test results. As befitting such an important test, there are hundreds of test centres around the world, and almost certainly going to be one in most major cities.

If you’re struggling to muster the (substantial) sums required to enroll on the MBA of your choice, ThinkVidya suggests that a strong GMAT score might open the door to various financial supports from your chosen institution.

From a personal perspective, I certainly found the whole process enjoyable and it forced me to assess my skills in new ways, and to brush up on skills that I hadn’t used in some time. In the end, I didn’t use my score to apply for business school, but the GMAT process was nevertheless a useful one to go through that I’d recommend to anyone considering a career in business.

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Have you taken the GMAT yourself? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments sections below and, of course, if you have any hot tips for readers on how to ensure they get the best results, they would be great to hear, too.






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