Why You Should Thank Your Employees More Often [Infographic]

Did you know that currently 65% of American workers say they receive no praise or recognition for their efforts? This certainly doesn’t sound fair for those who work hard every day in order to prove to their bosses that they do whatever it takes to accommodate the needs of the company. Also, it means that since employees are not happy, bosses are not happy either because their employees are not as productive as they would like.

The truth is that every worker needs to be appreciated by their managers. This infographic from Globoforce, stresses the importance of showing appreciation to employees as this actually develops their motivation and as such increases productivity. So, if you are a manager, you should thank your employees every once in a while as this encourages employee engagement which drives ROI – return on investment.

Key takeaways from the infographic:

  • 78% of workers said would work harder if they felt their efforts were recognised.
  • 67% of workers are motivated when they get praise from their manager.
  • Organisations that value employees have an overall of 14% better employee engagement than others.
  • Awards, recognition and praise are the most effective ways to encourage happy, productive team at work.

Check out the infographic to get more information on how you can help your company develop by showing a little more appreciation and recognition to your employees.

Image courtesy of InfographicsArchive