Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Being Liked at Work

We spend so much time at work that it’s only natural to want to be liked by our coworkers. No man is an island and when it comes to work, having friends is essential. In fact, studies have shown that people are that have friends at work are more productive. However, not everyone is lucky enough to make friends at work, a whopping 42 percent of workers have admitted to having no friends at work.

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It’s no wonder then that people often obsess about being liked at work. New employees, in particular, have been known to stress over whether someone is going to like them at work or not, and this stress often affects their work.

1. You Were Hired to Do a Job

It’s important to remember that being hired is not the end, you can’t kick back just because you managed to get a job. Most companies these days have a probation period for new employees; it’s the time when they look closely at the newly hired people and decide if they are going to keep them.

So, this is the time that you should spend wowing your colleagues. If you get caught up in office drama and whether people like you or not you are not going to commit to your work and this could seriously hurt your chances of getting ahead at work.

2. You’ll End Up Being Annoying

woman rejecting boyfriend

If there’s one thing that people hate, it is people who try too hard. If you start obsessing over whether people like you or not, and overanalysing what people tell you or don’t, then you’ll end up being fidgety and annoying. Not only will this mean the untimely end of any potential friendship at work, but it will also mean that people will avoid you on purpose.

It’s a vicious circle really, the harder you try, the fewer people will like you, and the fewer people like you, the more you will obsess. So take a step back and relax, be nice and friendly and people are going to like you, just don’t give them a time-limit to start liking you.

3. You’ll Never Gain Respect for Your Work

If the only image, you present to your colleagues is of someone that is obsessed with being liked, then they are not going to respect your work or you as a person. This also includes your employers, and you don’t want your employers to think that you are just obsessed with being liked. You want them to recognize your dedication and your hard work because that’s the only way they are likely to help push you forward. And if you are interested in advancing your career you definitely want your employers on your side.

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You shouldn’t obsess over being liked at work, however, you should try and be friendly because everyone likes a team player and it will make your work a lot easier.

Do you obsess over being liked at work? Do you think it has a detrimental effect on your work? Your thoughts and comments below please...