Why You Shouldn't Stay at a Job out of Guilt

Have you ever felt guilty about having to leave a company or wondered about what your boss or colleagues might say? If yes you’re certainly not alone.

Feeling guilty about anything is never good. Whether you are simply reluctant to say no to a friend for a night out, or you are refusing to leave the company you are working at out of guilt, this can put a huge weight on your shoulders. But, according to Psychology Today, guilt is a wasted emotion that is attached to judgment. Guilt only makes you think of what others are saying about you or might say if you behave in a certain way or say something that you aren’t supposed to. Whatever the case, guilt is an emotion that you should free yourself from.

Here’s why you should never stay at a job out of guilt.

1. You Should Seek Professional Development

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Working for an organisation you respect and having a job that you love doesn’t have anything to do with developing your career. If this job can’t give you want you need in terms of professional development, then it means that it no longer challenges you, and this is a sign you need to be looking for a new one. It doesn’t matter if you have managed to become best friends with your boss and you feel bad about the fact that you need to leave. As far as it concerns your career, you have to do what’s best for you.

2. You Won’t Be Missed

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Well, this is not strictly true – you may be missed, but only for a little while. When any employee leaves their job – or gets fired, it can be difficult for the company to stand on its feet if a valuable member of the team has left and group dynamics and responsibilities are changing. But, this instability only lasts for about a month or so, when the other members of the group get used to the change and are ready to welcome the new employee who has just joined.

3. You Are Only Making it More Difficult for Yourself

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If you feel that you need to go, then it’s time to go. There is no second-guessing, and you should have no doubts about your decision. Staying in a job out of guilt doesn’t help anyone and most of all, it doesn’t help you; it only makes the current situation worse. That’s when you begin to be unproductive and waste your time. So you should do yourself a favour and look for another job that doesn’t make you feel like you are obliged to stay.

4. You Will Feel Miserable

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If you are not enjoying the work that you are doing there, then there is nothing to say that you can’t leave. In fact, if it’s making you miserable, you might as well quit today. Instead of thinking about what other people will feel, ask yourself what you really want from your job. This question can help you realise what your priorities are and as such make better plans for the future.

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Staying in a job out of guilt is a huge mistake. Not only will this make you miserable, but it will also make you hate your job and affect your performance. To avoid all of this, wouldn’t it be better to find another job? What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below…