Why You Work Too Much And How to Overcome it

tired businessman sleeping on sofa

If you clicked on this article, then it means you finally want to get a life and stop stressing so much about work. Well, I’ve got some good news for you: there are several ways to do this and overcome burnout. All you need to do is take a step back, think about all the reasons behind your workaholism and by identifying all the factors leading you to work too much, you’ll be able to finally overcome each one.

Read on to find the explanation of working too much, and their clever solutions:


Your motivation to work hard here is money. You are working crazy hours to get that financial prize, and this affects your life by not having time to go to the gym, shop, or eat out. So, what’s the point of affording all of these if you don’t have time to enjoy them?

How to Overcome It

Well, there are two ways to increase your salary without necessarily increasing your workload. You could ask for a raise (not a promotion, as this would also increase your responsibilities); there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s either a yes or a no.

The other thing to do is clearly set out your financial goals. If you are saving up for a trip, new clothes or your wedding, then it is a motivation for you to work hard during those extra hours. However, as soon as you reach your goal, make sure to pull back and relax for a bit.

But if it’s just to have money, take the time to clearly think about your salary and your expenses and if they are worth cutting down a bit. For example, you could eat in instead of out all the time or spend less on clothes or gym memberships.


Your survival instincts base their motivation on a fear of loss: you losing your job, a promotion, your reputation or dignity. In fear of keeping your job you believe the extra hours you put in are the best way to secure your job. But what happens when this comes at the expense of your sanity and relationships? Will you still say “at least I have my job”?

How to Overcome It

Well, first of all, think about whether this urge to work more hours comes from an insecure job environment or not (budget cuts, layoffs, new management). Or if, on the other hand, everything is pretty much relaxed yet you feel anxious all the time.

If it’s the former, you’re right to work those extra hours. However, keep in mind that you also need to keep some time off for you to update your resume, search for new job ads or reach out to your network; if your job is very insecure, you also need to have a backup plan.

But if it’s the latter, you need to think about controlling your anxiety and use it to your advantage. Being anxious and alert all the time is not such a bad thing as it keeps your eyes open and your skills fresh. But keep in mind that you need to keep it to a minimum; adding too much stress to your life will leave you unhappy with no friends, family, time for yourself or even sleep.

Here’s one little thing you could do. From this coming week, try to go home a bit earlier each day and use those extra minutes or hour for exercising, catching up with a friend or something just for you. After doing this for one week, check if you still have your job and reputation…I’ll bet you do, and not just that, I bet you are a lot happier and productive as well!


Is this your main motivation to work hard? Then, I guess you are one of the lucky ones. You love your work so much you practically do it every day and every night. You love it so much that you barely spare time to sleep. Well, sorry to break it to you but you actually do need a few hours of sleep to properly function.

How to Overcome It

Have you ever thought that by working so many hours, your passion could eventually make it rub off? It’s not such a bad thing to get away from your passion (just for a bit) and then come back to it fresher, revived and with a new perspective.

Try to find new passions outside of work to have a better work-life balance; your life outside of work doesn’t have to be boring. You could try signing up to new classes such as art classes, or even volunteering at your local community. Try to introduce variety into your life; if you use all parts of your body and brain, you will, in turn, be more productive and passionate at work.

Are you a workaholic? Have you ever tried to overcome working too hard and have a better work-life balance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.