Will That Pretty Face Last Forever?

There’s nothing better than being young, and living fast and free. During your early 20s, it feels like a “Teenage Dream” and like you will remain young forever. It’s all about the lack of responsibility, the non-stop partying, tight jeans, T-shirts, and the hot dates. But by your mid-20s, you have finished college and landed your first real job, which will significantly change your entire wardrobe. With any luck, you also will move in to your first apartment. But even if you don’t, you will still feel “Young, Wild and Free.”

Around your late 20s, you will make a pledge to your friends: “Live While We’re Young.” So the partying intensifies. That is until you realize that you need to start saving money. The question is, however, what will happen during your early, mid, and late 30s?

In terms of health, finances, and freedom, how you survive your 30s will depend on a variety of factors. When it comes to looks, however, everyone ages at a different pace, according to a new survey. But there’s no doubt that you will one day have to take a look at yourself in the “Mirror.” Hopefully, you will like what you see.

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P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)

Whether you are obsessed with staying young or not, unfortunately, it’s very important to the rest of the world. In fact, a youthful appearance can be critical to your career, depending on what you do. It also can dictate how well you do in your personal life. And that’s why people are increasingly relying on cosmetic surgery to maintain a fresh face. For others, it’s a matter of genetics; and some just do the work. According to study, conducted by Duke University researchers, people tend to age differently and some more noticeably than others.

When you turn up at your high school reunion and look around, you might notice something,” says an IFLScience contributor. “Despite all of you being born within one year of each other, some will almost certainly look younger and some older.”

For the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers observed 1,000 38-year-old participants using 18 physiological indicators, including blood pressure and metabolism in order to “identify [the] causes of aging and evaluate rejuvenation therapies.” It’s also important to note that the study’s participants were born the same year and in the same town.

Using this group, researchers recorded the aging process during their 26th, 32nd and 38th birthdays to compare the participants’ biological age with how old they actually looked. But throughout the observation, some tragic issues occurred with some of the participants. “Out of the original group enrolled, 30 died before they had reached 38 due to a range of problems, from diseases such as cancer to accidents or suicide,” says Davis.

Researchers then used the results gathered over the years from the other participants to figure out each individual’s “pace of aging.” So what were the results?

While many of the participants’ biological years matched fairly accurately with how many birthdays they’d had, there were quite a few outliers,” says Davis. “One had an impressive biological age of 28, meaning that they’d effectively aged zero years for each birthday, while another had a worrying biological age close to retirement at 61.”

In other words, this participant “had aged on average three years for every birthday.” However, the researchers failed to observe any possible causes for the participant’s rapid aging process, such as smoking, a lack of exercise, or health-related issues. In addition to how well you take care of yourself, there are other factors that can add more years to your life.

Forever Young

For many lucky people, it turns out that the 20s and 30s will practically be the same. And it seems like they will remain “Forever Young,” according to The Washington Post. And that might not be a good thing.

Until you get to 30, and realize the teenage wasteland of career confusion, messy closets and paltry 401K savings usually just continues.”

For the 20-somethings who were taught how to manage their career and finances or at least figured it out on their own, it will be a whole lot easier to sustain a youthful look. For others, however, life’s uncertainties and hardships will severely impact their aging process. It’s because of overwhelming debit from credit cards, school loans, and other high-interest payments that can cause stress.

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Think worry lines sprawling all over your face!

The point is to start planning now for your older years by saving money, making full use of your employer’s 401K match, exercising, and eating healthy. If not, by the time you reach your late 30s, you will wish that you could just “Die Young.”

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