How to Win the Trust of Employees

Though we’re used to the picture of a boss being someone mean and domineering, we’ve also got to realize that dire consequences are bound when the trust of employees in you is compromised. For instance, exceptional talent within staff quarters will not hesitate to exit when better job opportunities present themselves or when they get poached by more rewarding organizations. In addition, disgruntled will gladly take advantage of any loopholes that present themselves within organizational affairs. This goes to show that for you to avoid such shake-ups and prosper as a boss, then winning the trust of your employees is inevitable. But how should you do this?

#1 Be a Responsible Leader of your own words
Many employees today feel betrayed by their bosses especially on promises such as promotions, salary increments and better working conditions. To begin with, you should choose your words carefully by basing your promises on concrete evidence of progress. For instance, you can’t promise salary increments when a low season is imminent. Similarly, you can’t promise a promotion when there’s a likelihood of the company board looking for someone else to fill a lucrative job vacancy. And if indeed you failed to deliver on a promise, then wouldn’t it be too much to take responsibility and ask for forgiveness? In fact, if your pride matters so much, then it would be much better to be silent than lose credence amongst employees as a trustworthy and reliable boss.

#2 Exude Transparency and Integrity in Daily Affairs
In any relationship, there is no worse feeling than that of being cheated right under your nose. Many corrupt bosses like playing mind games especially if they’re embezzling funds while at the same time, underpaying their staff members. Unfortunately, we’ve seen incidences of innocent and clueless careerists being caught up in major company malpractices. This is as a result of the tricky boss doing his/her conniving affairs under the guise of the entire organization which caught the eye of government authorities. A corrupt employee might as well win the favour of disgruntled staff members and secretly carry out dubious malpractices under your watch as the boss. This will definitely rope you in when investigations commence. It’s thus important to exude transparency and integrity if you want to get the same from your staff members in return.

#3 Lead by Example through Discipline and Consistency
Domineering bosses like giving orders even when they know that some tasks are merely impossible to complete. Others demand for consistency in work delivery despite their obvious and deliberate indiscipline at the workplace. However, we should learn from Alexander the Great. This Greek General had the guts, discipline and consistency to go to the front line in every war. Consequently, every Greek soldier believed that if Alexander can do it, then there’s no excuse for me not to do it as well. Unfortunately, we’re used to bosses that sit pretty at the back as they overburden their employees with insurmountable expectations. This will definitely crush the little trust that employees have in you.

#4 Tame your Ego by displaying Exemplary Courteous Respect, Character and Humility
It is said that slow success builds character, but fast success builds ego. However, just because you became a boss earlier than expected doesn’t give you the right to rub your pride in the employees’ and clientèle’s faces. This is unfortunately a weakness of academic overachievers and ego driven but incompetent careerists that clinch lucrative jobs thanks to family ties or connections. Many employees under such tyranny should in fact be rewarded for their years of abundant tolerance towards narcissistic and egotistical employers. Such bosses have actually lost very prospective clients simply because they couldn’t contain their pride. This happens especially when the client’s image and personality isn’t as classy or sophisticated as theirs. Consequently, such clientèle won’t recommend your company to their acquaintances. In the end, ego will only choke your character, confidence and reliability as a trustworthy leader in the eyes of clientèle and employees as well.

#5 Be Mindful of Other’s Relevant Opinions, Prospective Ideas and Legitimate Complaints
Insensitive and insecure bosses will always find a convenient reason to ridicule employees even when they give opinions and prospective ideas relevant to the overall progress of the company. Some even go as far as provoking staff members to quit when they have something legitimate to complain about. This creates the impression that employees are puppets whose opinions are nothing but mere insults to the ears of their superiors. This shouldn’t come as a surprise from a boss who’s been a bully practically all his/her life. If this is the kind of boss you’re, then certainly you shouldn’t expect to win trust from any of your employees.

#6 Provide help and Support where Necessary
Instead of offering sound advice when an employee goes wrong, many bosses prefer to pour out their pent up anger through intimidation and condemnation. Indeed, leadership roles come with daunting tasks and stressful multi-tasking once in a while. But that doesn’t mean that your staff members become the recipients of your vengeful wrath. First and foremost, you wanted to be the boss and no one compelled you to do so. Plus, you must have considered the repercussions beforehand so you knew the challenges that were coming with your current position. So would you kindly stop using your staff members as punching bags. They’re always there to help you out when you’re overwhelmed with tasks, so why shouldn’t your offer your helping hand as well?

It would be dangerous for you as the boss to presume that work delivery is all that matters in the workplace. Unfortunately, many tyrant and dictatorial bosses today are of this opinion. However, employees are not mere machines. They’re human beings with visions and aspirations in life. Some are young ambitious professionals with big career goals while others are prime careerists who might clinch a higher supervisory role than yours any time soon. In fact, some of your employees might end up being your superiors in future. Ultimately, it’s important to win their trust by treating them as you would want to be treated. Otherwise, you might suffer the wrath of your own bitter medicine when you least expect it.