How to Wire Your Mind for Success

So you are looking for more success and less failure? You and just about every other person on the planet are in the same boat, and that’s a good thing: it means that your are already halfway there; the first step in any change is the desire to change.

Success, like most things in life, is a mindset that is learned over time, developed through practice, and refined through experience. Those of us without good examples of success, and those of us who weren’t raised with the principles of success can have a hard time figuring out exactly how to become successful.

But, everyone can learn to think like a successful person, and by thinking like someone successful thinks, you can become successful too. If you want to find success and hold onto it for years to come, then you must rewire your brain to support and create success.

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You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period."-Will Smith (Pursuit of Happiness)

1. Measure Daily Progress: Not Long-term Results

One of the first steps in creating a success mindset is to shift your focus from results based thinking to progress based thinking. Most people who repeat failures focus on one single task or moment as defining their entire life’s success or failure; when we measure our self-worth against one single accomplishment in life, we put unfair pressure on ourselves and we increase the risk of failure in our lives.

If you want to start seeing more success in your life, stop focusing so much on those long-term accomplishments, and instead start focusing more on the small improvements that you can make each day. By placing your attention on the progress that you make in life, you can alleviate the pressures of success, ensure that you are more ready for success, and you can also become more resilient in the face of setbacks and problems that may arise.

2. Change How You View Your Past

Too many times, our entire personality rests upon a few moments and memories that follow us through our entire lives. Our past is often nothing but a bitter memory that never dies, and the more times we replay our bad memories of the past in our minds, the more we reinforce those negative past events as solid truths about ourselves.

Sometimes traumatic events from childhood, things like bullying, parents saying mean things, or maybe even doing something stupid and having the entire class laugh at you can determine how you interpret new events and ultimately how you develop as a person. For example, someone who suffered some embarrassing event in primary school that caused all their classmates to make fun of them for being “dumb”, can come to believe that they are stupid; beliefs like these can follow people for a lifetime and ultimately shape the people that they become.

If you want to truly wire your mind for success, sometimes you must be willing to look back into your past at the bad things that happened to you earlier in life. You must look at these painful events and attempt to view the events in a way that can encourage you to grow as a person rather than hinder your progress.

For example: Imagine you gave a terrible speech and got laughed at in a college class; you have two choices, you can remember the event as proof that you can’t speak well in public, OR you can use it as a reminder of how important it is to increase your speaking skills.

You can’t change your past, but you can choose how you allow the past to influence your future. Decide to use the past as a blueprint to get better, don’t let it be the story that directs the rest of your life.

3. Imagine Your Future Successes

Visualization and imagining future successes are great ways to prime your mind for success. By simply sitting down and thinking about what we want, how we would achieve it, and what steps we would need to take to get there we can increase the “realness” of success.

If you can’t imagine success in your future, and if you can’t see the steps you need to take to get there, you will have a difficult time achieving it. The success you seek starts with an idea continues with a plan, and finally becomes real by executing the plan. Practice coming up with ideas, and then create plans of what you would do. Creating these little plans (whether you follow through or not) will help you see the potential hiding within the opportunities.

4. Surround Yourself With Positivity

A great way to increase your success mindfulness is to surround yourself with positivity and success. Take the time to read books about successful people and businesses, listen to speeches and talks (Ted Talks are great!), watch motivational videos, and just generally do the things that make you feel happy, motivated, and successful.

It is hard to think of success, to focus on success, and be a success if you are surrounded with negativity. Spend your time looking at others who are successful, and keep a steady stream of motivating and encouraging things flowing into your mind; these things will nurture your mind and help wire it for success.

5. Set a Routine

An organized mind is an effective mind, and an effective mind is one of the keys to success. Effective routines help us stay organized and get more done: and getting more done helps us to be more successful.

Try looking at the things that other successful people are doing each day: things like exercise, healthy eating, making daily schedules, meditating, making time for family and other commitments all can lead to a more successful mind.

6. Challenge Yourself

Our minds are often honed through challenge and struggle. The ability of our minds to handle the stress of changing times, deal with challenges, and ultimately to figure out a way to push on is a big measure of how much success we will experience.

A great way of wiring your mind for more success is to constantly challenge your mind and seek ways to grow your knowledge, experience, or skills. The people who constantly seek out things that are difficult, exciting and new are often the same people who experience the most success. If you want to find success, train your mind to dive into the things that others are too afraid to try.

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Many things contribute to success, but a mind focused, tuned, and wired for success is one the most powerful tools in success. By taking the time to reshape your memories, seek daily improvement, visualize a successful future, surround yourself with success, set a successful routine, and have the courage to challenge yourself you can rewire your mind for success.

Success is not a destination; it is a mindset, a way of life, and a set of traits and characteristics that are cultivated through time. You too can wire your mind to experience great success no matter where you were raised, no matter what you have experienced, and no matter what you believe. It all starts from the inside out; change your mind and change everything.

What things have you tried to become more successful or change the way you think? Leave a comment below and let me know your own personal experience.