Work Happier, Not Harder [Infographic]

Are you happy at work? According to this infographic from Noomii, the professional coach directory, nearly 2 out of 3 US and Canada workers have said they are not happy at work. Since, you spend more time working than doing anything else throughout your day there may be times when you feel that you don’t have enough personal time. If this is you, this infographic explains why you are not happy at work and provides some useful tips on how to be happier and more productive.        

Essentially the infographic supports the idea that happiness at work brings career success, so it is important to work through it and be positive in order to be able to achieve your career goals. Let’s look at key facts from the infographic:

  • Cheerful people achieve higher job satisfaction.
  • Happiness determines whether you get the job on offer.
  • Positive people tend to perform better at the job and miss fewer work days.

With this in mind, the secret to achieving better results at work is to work happier, not harder. Even though hard work is important, being positive is regarded as the #1 factor that contributes to career success! Have a look at the infographic to get more tips on how to increase your level of happiness at work.

Image courtesy of Infographiclist