Work-Life Battle: How-to Win and the Top Three Cities to Achieve It

After being stuck in a dead-in job, you decided to do a little soul searching. Your goal was to determine your life purpose, what career opportunities were the most fulfilling and what makes you happy. So you used your sparkling personality and networking skills to connect with new people. And a year later, you successfully landed your dream job. Congratulations!

The problem is that you have been working so hard that your personal life is starting to suffer. Well, you are not alone.

According to a Canadian study on balancing work with life, conducted by Lowe, over 60 percent of workers are constantly engaged in the battle between the responsibilities of work and life. Factors that fuel the fight include balancing excessive workloads and hours, with health, family, personal commitments, community service, and an active social life. Here you will learn how-to win the battle and the top three cities to achieve a work-life balance.

Grand Illusions

Now that you are getting paid to do exactly what you love to do, you are under more pressure to succeed. As a result, you have been sacrificing your personal life to work longer hours. And when you are off work and at home, you are tied to your blackberry. According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), technological advances such as telecommuting and mobile devices are enabling workaholics and blurring the lines between work and life.

As evidence of this increasingly bad habit, Sliwinski cited a 2012 survey, conducted by the Enterprise Mobility Company Good Technology, that found 80 of percent of employees keep working at home after scheduled hours and half reported that they feel obligated to do so. And depending on where you are on the corporate ladder and your “age, gender and living situation,” you could be under more pressure. Women and single millennials are enduring most of the weight of finding a balance in the age of technology.

So do you believe that a balance between work and life is unattainable? According to whom you ask, the answer is: yes and no. Most professionals, especially those in management positions, will say that a balance between work and life is an abstract belief or a grand illusion. In other words, the answer really depends on you and your values.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Your goal is to be successful at work. And you are working hard, really hard, to achieve it. Now you are feeling the pressure and a little bit of guilt about sacrificing your personal life to do it. With the following tips, you can learn how-to win the battle and the top three cities to achieve a work-life balance. The tips are based on a recent survey, conducted by NerdWallet that examined full-time workers in over 500 of the nation’s largest cities and compared it with quality of life in terms of work-life balance.

1. Bloomington, Indiana

Move Closer To Work. By moving closer to work, you can reduce your commute time and increase the time spent at home or with friends and family. In Bloomington, you will find Indiana University, which is the home of medicine, the physical sciences, the social sciences, and humanities. The Midwestern town also boasts a shorter commute to work.

2. Provo, Utah

Stop Working All of Time. When you are off, stay off by not checking the blackberry. Workers in Provo have mastered the work-life balance by averaging 30.9 hours per week. “This is the lowest of all 536 cities in our study,” says NerdWallet.

3. Gainesville, Florida

Make Time to Enjoy Life. In Gainesville, you can relish in the beautiful Florida weather, while enjoying events like the summer concert series, the Santa Fe College Spring Arts Festival, the Natural History Museum, the Harn Museum of Art, Artwalk Gainesville, and Florida Gators football games.

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If you are not interesting in relocating, then just try to determine what a successful life really means to you. Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder or being more accessible to family and friends, the key is to organize your life in a way that makes you happy. By making calculated decisions on what’s more rewarding to you and when, you can effectively obtain a real work-life balance without sacrificing one for the other.


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