How to Work Strategically

How to Work Strategically

Basically, your strategy is a game plan for how you expect to reach a goal. Your main goal in working strategically is to have a mindset that is focused at all times on the end result. There are various aspects that should be included in any type of strategy. However, this article will focus more specifically on how to implement a game plan in your professional life that will help you to develop and grow and work strategically to reach your goals.

Basic Steps on How to Create a Strategy

Creating a viable strategy does not take a long time, if you know where to begin with the process. There are six basic steps to take in order to create that winning strategy which will help you achieve professional success.

1. Find Your Vision

Creating that viable strategy first begins with finding your vision. If you don’t know who you are as a person and where you’re going in life, your strategy is not going to be specifically honed for the plan that best suits you. Becoming a visionary begins when you believe in yourself, your capabilities and your dreams. You need to persistently follow the vision of your best self and be open to constructive criticism.

2. Become a Goal Setter  

Once you’ve cemented your vision in your mind, it is important that you work on developing your goal-setting skills. You may have all the best intentions in the world. However, life gets in the way, schedules are jam-packed and no one has time for the important things. If you become a goal setter, you increase your chances of success when it comes to implementing your strategy into your professional life. There are immediate, short-term and long-term goals. You need to divide your goals up in a prioritized list with three columns. For those who enjoy utilizing technology, research online tools for tracking your goals, like,, and several others.

3. Do Your Homework

Understanding your vision and writing out your goals is not going to work if you haven’t done your own research. You need to ascertain what methods, materials, time invested, monetary investment etc. which will be needed to reach your goals when the strategy is implemented. For example, if you seek more education, have you researched the types of online educational websites that are available if you did not have the time to spend going back to school due to full-time work commitments?

4. Formulate the Game Plan

Now that you have your vision cemented, the goals ready to track and have done your research, you are ready to formulate the game plan. In order to increase the chances of your strategy succeeding, you need to operate on a formulated plan. Basically, you will need to plan how you are going to continue following your vision as you implement and complete each goal. Some steps are listed below on how to create the best game plan suited for your current situation.

  • Goal Organization – make sure that you have created a system of organizing and tracking your goals. Remember to be cognizant of the factors you researched, such as—costs, resources required, time investment etc.
  • Goal Prioritization – be certain that your goals have been listed in one of the three categories mentioned earlier and that you have prioritized the listing. Keep in mind the urgency, importance and the level of ease in accomplishing each task.
  • Goal Cementation – write out your goals and game plan for the strategy on paper or keep a digital file. In organizing and prioritizing your goals, determining the best strategy to implement will be easier because you know where you’re aiming to end up and how best to get there.

5. Put the Game Plan in to Action

This is the fun part of the process where you get to see your vision coming alive as your goals are getting accomplished and you are one step closer to ultimate completion of your strategy in real life. Remember the importance of staying within boundaries and honoring your strategy. Of course, daily life will get in the way and circumstances may dictate an adjustment to your strategy. However, don’t allow time-wasting or lack of diligence to get in the way of putting your game plan into action.

6. Anticipate the Need for Review  

Even the best strategies will have flaws and it is your job to think outside the box to ascertain where you are winning and where you are losing as the strategy is being implemented. Throughout the implementation process, you will need to consistently review the strategy. The following factors will need to be reviewed.

  • Goal Review – ascertain whether or not you are successfully accomplishing your goals. If you aren’t, then you will need to review the strategy and figure out a new time line.
  • Priorities Review – as you implement your strategy, your vision and priorities may have veered off in another direction. If that is the case, then you need to re-evaluate the situation and adjust the game plan to include these new priorities.

Creating a viable strategy is possible if you make a decision to be open-minded and diligently follow the basic steps outlined in this article. You must first ascertain your vision and then set your goals. Researching the scope of how to accomplish your goals is also important if you want to succeed. The last three steps include creating, implementing and reviewing the game plan.


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