How to Work While You're Expecting

Pregnancy is a part of life, and a large number of women go through it at the stage of their lives when they are working full-time jobs. While the option to continue to work or not is each woman’s personal choice, many have to power through their pregnancy to support themselves and their families. Majority of women go through smooth sailing during the course of the 9 months, however a large proportion have issues involving their physical and mental health. Your primary concern during pregnancy should be your health, as the baby is dependent on your body for theirs.

Here are some basic guidelines to take into consideration when working while being pregnant:


Remember that your body is going through changes to accommodate the baby, therefore you should strive to keep fit and exercise in order to keep your energy levels high (nothing too strenuous!)

Snack Regularly

Yes! Eating is now one of your priorities. Gone are the days when you would skip lunch to meet a deadline. Make sure that you give into hunger pangs with a diet that is high in iron and protein.

Take Breaks

Sitting at your desk for 8-9 hours will leave you exhausted by the end of the day. Make sure you make a point to go around the office for about 5 minutes every hour. This will give you an energy boost as well.

Sleep Early

Since your body is going through changes, it is likely that you will feel exhausted by the time you get home. Don’t fight the fatigue; instead make a point to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


We all know that work often involves stress – there are deadlines, goals and targets to be met – however it is imperative that you don’t let the stress get to you. If you feel overwhelmed at work, speak to your superiors to help cut down the workload.


Refrain from doing overtime hours at work during your pregnancy, the 8-9 hours a day are enough as it is. Make sure you take on only work that you can complete, rather than taking the lead on everything at work.