Working as a Registered Nurse in Mexico

If you wish to become a registered nurse in Mexico you will need to gain a broader understanding of the nursing system in Mexico and learn about the process in place if you wish to become registered and find employment.


One of the first steps that you need to take is to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). This can be achieved by taking an LPN Diploma, however in order to take the program you will need to have a basic introductory-level undergraduate training in subjects such as English, Psychology and Mathematics.


In addition to the LPN diploma, you will also need to sit an RN education program. There are a number of options for aspiring nurses, including:

  • A four year Bachelor of Science degree

  • A Nursing (BSN)

  • A two year Associate Degree

  • A Nursing Degree (ADN)

All of the above training courses focus on baseline clinical skills, as well as knowledge directly related to patient care. After this stage, larger concepts are introduced, including nursing management and theories of nursing.

For those nurses who wish to further their knowledge and skills with a four year degree, the focus will be on advanced theory, research and management education. Other, more refined topics can also be selected, including community health, radiology, along with other specific topics.

Licensure Examination

Once the candidate has sat and successfully passed the relevant examinations, they will then need to acquire a nursing license. In order to obtain the license they will need to sit an NCLEX exam, which is a comprehensive exam covering a broad range of topics already touched upon by the student.

Apply for employment

The process of finding employment as a nurse in Mexico can be a relatively long-winded procedure, as there are many qualified nurses in the country and limited job vacancies. You will therefore need to ensure that your academic knowledge is extremely refined and that you have as much experience as possible in order to stand out from the crowd and be successful in finding employment.