Working as the World Topples Into Catastrophe

As the world topples into catastrophe, we make our golden promises. So long as we are getting paid every week, every two weeks -- whatever the case may be -- everything is fine. There is nothing to worry about. All is well within the kingdom.

But what if there were certain things about the Crown that weren’t reported in the news?

Could you imagine such nonsense?

The days keep on churning into months. We are all working our way towards better livelihoods. And we tell ourselves that tomorrow will be something to look forward to.


How about today?

Today there is a problem with the sink. There is a leak in the pipes. There’s too much sun. Too much rain. Not enough beer. And just enough time to get to the bank, in order to deposit our paychecks.

The only thing that matters is how we feel about our lives. At least, in principle, that should be true.

However, our worldwide economies, over the years, have been tied together. We are dependent on the rest of the world. So that if something bad happens in Japan, say Godzilla appears from the oceans and breathes fire into a bunch of Toyota factories -- then those Camry’s aren’t going to be so affordable anymore. That is, not until the US is summoned to blow that nasty reptile to kingdom come.

And what exactly is our kingdom coming to?

A nation of slaves. Slaving for the ideal of Homeland Security. Our land, our homes, our families -- we all need, and deserve to be, secure. So that we can keep on working?

Yes, there are many good things to enjoy, here. There is a vast and open expanse of land, all throughout these United States. Fields, farms, fauna and flora. All types of people, from many different walks of life -- and we even get loads of immigrants who come here to make themselves a living.

A life without freedom is one that we should never stand for.

Of course, this is what we were taught in our schooling. And it most definitely should make us less susceptible to the looting that is always taking place, at the Treasury and on our Stock Exchanges.

We needle ourselves with these thoughts, some of us. And then we bury them under callous skin.

But no amount of denial will prepare us for the ongoing smash-up of everything we hold dear.

And the jobs won’t save us. They simply keep us in harness, for the rich elites to keep on soaking up the gasoline. If this is a “free” country, then, I have to ask, what is so free about a caste system that forces people to function in modes and roles for which they cannot stand?

It is the freedom of the wheel. The wheel that never stops turning….

But that’s all hogwash. Surely we are able to rise above those notions of being tethered to something that is bogus and malevolent.

No matter. We are all doing what we can. Right? We make the best of what we’ve been given; and we give to the world the best of ourselves.


In order to see the future, we need to realise the past. I think Mr. Churchill said that. And wasn’t he such a special guy?

What is buried in the past is almost too ugly for words. But we all know that our forefathers worked hard to create a foundation, for us, upon which to build. It seems to me, though, that we have elected to stop building. It seems to me that we just go with the flow. And we don’t give much thought about where it is we are flowing.

Who cares?

Well, I understand that sentiment, because we are kept busied with our jobs and positions in society. And that’s better than fighting against our own demons.

But the shackles that have slowly been placed around these United States are everywhere showing their effects. The planet is in absolute disarray. And the only thing (think) keeping us together is the inertia of having to earn our livings.

Yes, it is true. We must provide something, in order to get something in return. (Most of us.) And that is the basis of the current financial system.

But what happens when all of that breaks down? As it now is, and will be, further into the future.

Will we stick to our jobs and roles in society when things start to crumble? Or will we resort to something more drastic?

Who cares?

Tomorrow will be just fine.

I promise.


Image Sourced: Debt Black Hole