Working For The Queen: Top 6 Cool Royal Jobs

What do you do when your dreams of marrying into royalty are suddenly crushed by Kate Middleton sneakily stealing Prince William from right under your nose? Well, you go work for them, of course, in the hopes that you’ll be able to steal her job: the future Queen of the United Kingdom.

Naturally, however, you have to work yourself up the ranks, as with any other career. But, you might not be particularly excited about washing Kate’s dirty laundry or doing something as dull as answering the telephone; you want something interesting, something awesome.

And, lucky for you, we’ve scoured the Internet for the coolest jobs you can get with the British Royal Family so that you don’t need to.

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1. The Queen’s Piper

While we’ve seen some pretty cool technological advancements over the years (I mean, you must’ve used an automatic flushing toilet at least once in your life), alarm clocks seem to be non-existent at Buckingham Palace. In fact, the Queen relies on the Queen’s Piper to wake her up every morning at nine o’clock sharp. The Piper, whose job came into existence in 1843 during Queen Victoria’s reign, plays the bagpipes for 15 minutes right under the Queen’s window.

There’s little doubt that Her Royal Highness is a morning person; if she wasn’t, she’d have taken aim at the Piper right from her bedroom window and shot him by now.

2. Marker of the Swans

While it might make you think of someone using a marker pen to write numbers on unsuspecting swans around the UK, you’re actually not that far off. The Marker of the Swans is in charge of organizing the Swan Upping, an annual event in which mute swans are caught, marked, and then released. He also monitors the local population’s health and is responsible for raising swan welfare awareness across the UK.

3. Warden of the Swans

The Warden of the Swans is the Marker of the Swans’ twin – in fact, prior to 1993, they fell under one position: that of the Keeper of the King’s Swans. There has only been one Warden since the position’s conception, biologist Christopher Perrins, who along with the Marker sets out to census the swan population across the Thames.

4. Master of the Queen’s Music

The current Master of the Queen’s Music is Judith Weir CBE, and it’s a position with “no fixed duties”. The job dates back to 1626, and they may produce music for royal or state occasions – get this – if they wish. Meaning, you could laze around all day and still get paid for it, but only for 10 years when a new Master is appointed.

5. Master of the Horse

This is a great job for all the horse lovers out there. Responsible for inspecting the Royal Mews, the Master of the Horse is more of a ceremonial role in which he attends all the important ceremonial occasions that requires the Sovereign to ride on horseback or travel by a horse-drawn carriage.

6. Astronomer Royal

The Astronomer Royal is another historic job with the UK Royal Family, dating as far back as 1675, and is a position awarded to a prominent astronomer. Although the salary is way below minimum wage (he receives an insulting £100 per year), the Astronomer Royal is basically an advisor to the Queen on all things concerning astronomy.

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Can you think of any other cool jobs with the UK Royal Family? Let us know in the comments section below!