Working from Home, Alone: How to Avoid Madness

I have lately found myself making tea and singing to my cup as I sip it, often a Roots Manuva song about it’s buff loveliness. If you want to avoid singing to cups of tea and losing your head then I'd recommend following these rules to working from home.

I have been working from home for approximately 4 weeks, just me, a laptop, the radio and the incessant tapping noise of my keys. Having not been very good at following my own rules so far I have decided to turn over a new leaf and want to share with you what I have learnt.

Phone home

As my phone stares at me I try to ignore it, it is always tempting me to flick through my emails, check instagram, play a quick game, but too much of this and your day disappears. If you can I would turn it off, if this is not an option for you then try to discipline yourself, remove it from your eyeline and check it once an hour.

Other distractions come in the form of TV, the internet, that new book you can’t wait to read, washing, cooking….but stop! You are at work, you wouldn’t do the washing there and you wouldn’t sit at your desk and read. Pretending to be at work and still applying those rules will really help you to stay focused and get the job done, and if you finish early you are already at home to start using your time as you wish.

Home comforts

Why am I sat here in my pyjamas, with no socks, cold feet and a back ache? Instantly getting into the work zone can be a very good thing, however do not find yourself 2 hours later shivering, hunchbacked, needing a wee and unclean. You will probably regret it, by treating your day like a work day and starting it with a shower, appropriate comfortable clothing and a well thought out work area will always feel like a good decision at the end of your working day (apart from the pyjamas bit maybe, everything feels better in pyjamas!)

Brain food

Being on a coffee drip has never been good for ones productivity, although making a hot drink is always a nice way to break from your work and clear your head, drinking water will help you remain alert for much longer. If like me you forget to eat and then look up at 2pm and realise you’re starving but haven’t got time to make something so just eat biscuits and crisps, then you might need to plan more. At dinner try making a little too much so there is a perfect lunch sat in the fridge for you each day. Or make a huge soup at the start of the week and heat it up as and when you need it, if that fails then make sure you have fruit overflowing so you always have a healthy snack to grab. 

So, rules aside, don't get me wrong, working from home is a great option. No travel fees or travel time, no pointless meetings, no time wasted on chit chat and once you've finished that piece of work you can start to spend your time exactly as you want. 




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