Working From Home: The Benefits, Problems and Management Strategies

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With a wide range of online jobs and self-employment opportunities emerging every day, working from home is becoming quite a lucrative career option. The growth of the IT sector and proliferation of the Internet have made it possible for skilled individuals to earn from the comfort of their own homes. Did you know - 7 million people in the United States have jobs that allow them to work from home?

What Kind Of Jobs Can Be Done From Home?  

Although it might be a great option, it is not suitable for everyone. It is best for people who work in digital fields like digital marketers, software engineers, website developers, programmers and freelance writers. You cannot work from home if you are in management. Have you ever seen an HR recruiter working from home? Nope! Can you attend to people in reception while sitting at home? No! These kinds of jobs require you to be physically present in the workplace. So, if you really want to work while sitting on your bed, you must choose a profession that it's suited for.

When Should You Choose Work From Home Or Take A Part-Time Job?

There are times when you would love to visit your office on a regular basis and work from there. But in some cases, you might not be able to attend your workplace and find it more convenient to complete the tasks from home.

1) When You Are Studying And Need Some Pocket Money:

If you are studying in school or college and need some pocket money, the best option is to work from home or opt for a part time job. It doesn’t interfere with your studies and your important assignments and LETS you earn the pocket money you need.

2) You Have A Baby To Attend To:

If you have recently become a mother and your baby needs your undivided attention, then it is best to choose freelancing or home-based profession to earn money. The best thing is, you can earn a lot from home once you establish yourself as a freelancer. There are a plethora of online jobs you can choose from.

3) You Have Someone To Look After:

Whether it is your spouse, parent or grandparent, if you have someone to look after at your home, then going regularly to the workplace becomes a hassle.

The Benefits Of Working From Home:

There are multiple benefits to working from home. If you haven’t tried it yet, these benefits might lure you to start searching for home-based jobs.

1) You Are Always On Time:

You’ve probably faced the consequences of getting to the office late at least once. But your boss will never understand that you can't control the traffic. When you work from home, just say “bye” to these troubles. No need to wake up 2 hours early to get ready, no need to rush out of your home to catch the 9 AM bus and spend valuable time in traffic jams. With your home-based job, you be on time everyday because you have nowhere to travel to.

2) Expenses Are Less:

When you choose to work from your home, you have no travel expenses to bear; neither do you need to update your wardrobe with new formal clothes for your office. So, you can save the money you earn.

3) Flexible Scheduling:

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

This one is probably the best thing about working from home. You can schedule your work hours according to your convenience. If you have some household chores to do in the morning, then you can simply schedule your work for the evening. That’s one of the great upsides of a home-based job.

The Major Drawbacks Of Working From Home:

From a distance, the benefits of working from home seem unparalleled. It’s natural to be infatuated by all the positive aspects. Think of enjoying the coziness of your home, spending more quality time with your family and working on your personal development, all while doing your job. Isn’t that perfect? But, you will also experience the other side, i.e. the cons of working from home?

1) Lack of Motivation:

Once you realise that there is no pressure to start your work at a particular time or a dress a certain way, you will become lazy. You will lack the motivation to work if you do not maintain a strict self-discipline.

2) More Pressure To Do The Household Chores:

When you’re at home, you will have to complete your household chores and then begin your official tasks. It becomes difficult for one to balance between household works and the home-based job.

3) No Competition:

When you work in an office with other colleagues, you always try to improve yourself as there is competition. But at home, you are alone and there is no one to bring out your competitive streak. Thus, you become demotivated and fall prey to laziness.

4) No One To Help In Problems:

Many people who work from home complain that when they are at office and get stuck with a work problem, they can turn to their colleagues and ask for help. But when working from home, they have to figure it out on their own.

However, if you have chosen to work from home and are finding it difficult to strike a balance between your work and life, then here are some tips for you.

How You Can Make Life More Interesting While Working from Home:

1) Have A Separate Work Space:

Turning your bed into your workspace isn’t the right way to treat your profession. Sitting on your bed will evoke a feeling of laziness, and your work pace will slow down. Therefore, if you are choosing to work from home, create a space that is dedicated to work.

2) Dress To Impress:

If dressing up can get you into the work mode, do it now! Take a shower, blow dry your hair and put on what you love. Being in pyjamas all day long might suck up all your energy. So, look better and feel better!

3) Increase Your Social Connections:

Working from home alone means separation from your social circle and isolation. While an office gives you the ability to communicate with others, working at home makes you lonely. There are several communities of home-based professionals you can join to discuss your work. Enlarge your network and work will be more fun for you.

4) Create A Schedule And Stick To It:

Separating your household chores from your work is critical. Do not perform your household chores while working. Set separate time aside to do your household tasks so that you don’t have to rush everything and end up stressed out and cranky.

5) Let People Know You’re Working:

When you work from home, people tend to think that you have unlimited free time and they can call you anytime they want. Have working hours and do not indulge in any distractions, be it a phone call from a friend or Facebook during that time.

6) Stop Procrastinating:

Another major problem with working from home is procrastination. Because there is not as much pressure, you might fall prey to procrastination. Always try to set a specific time for you to finish your tasks by.

So, stop being bored and whining about your job. If you can make it a little interesting, nothing can be better than working from your home.

Do you work from home? Do you find it productive and fulfilling? Let us know in the comments section below...




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