Working From Home: How to Deal with Kids

For telecommuters who work from home, kids can sometimes become a hindrance to the completion of some imperative tasks. However, it is possible to have a great time with your kids and have your tasks accomplished. We have compiled a list of suggestions that come largely from telecommuters who work from home. These strategies are largely dependent on your schedule and your kids’ age.

Fill your kid’s room with their favorite toys

Dedicate a room or a specific area in your home to your children. Make sure you remove all objects that might be unsafe for them and replace them with the kid’s favorite toys. Your ultimate goal is to make this a childproof area that can allow them to play and roam freely with minimal supervision. It is advisable to allow your child in this room only when you are working.

Schedule tasks for your kid

Coloring books and building blocks can keep your child engaged in creative play. Furthermore, they can free up office time for you. Collect your child’s favorite toys and keep them. Let the child play with the toys only when you are working. Not only will this keep them engaged but also make the activity even more interesting. For instance, you can reward your child for having completed a certain assignment. While he draws images or plays with stickers, you can get your tasks done.

Allow for interruptions

Even if you schedule child activities in advance, you are bound to be interrupted. It is advisable to have a schedule that allows for these interruptions. For instance, you can gain a lot by saving tasks that require more input and high levels of concentration for other times like when the child has gone to bed, when they are deeply involved in games or before they wake up.

Ask for cooperation

Let your child know how important working is to you and how important it is for them to cooperate. In turn, reward your kids with praise and attention when they are quiet. When involved in any process, kids are less likely to resent your work as something that alienates you from them, but will instead become something you do together.

Use TV creatively

When in a position to control the programming, your television can become an ultimate baby-sitter. Consider renting a DVD for your kids to watch as you work. Be sure to choose educational programs that will enlighten your children and keep them active. It is better if your kids can use headphones as this can keep the house quiet, making it more conducive for you to work.

Do something

Even if you are overwhelmed with tasks, try your best to do something. One reason people don’t get anything done in the presence of kids is because they can’t concentrate. Even if the children make it hard for you to concentrate, you can still skim through the content required for your thesis. You might have an added advantage if you can just read the summary or introduction. Even though you can’t have everything done, you can at least have something done.

Work out a routine

Children are routine lovers -- they are excited when they know what to expect. To use this to your advantage, you can, for instance, develop a regular working time. Enforce this schedule, but remember to incorporate a few breaks in between. Take around 10 minutes in every hour to be with your kids. Do not perceive this as an interruption, but as a break.

Bargain with your kids and reward them for observing the routine. Kids enjoy gaining credits for their deeds and will be encouraged to cooperate. Consider making an entry on a chart and give them a coupon. Once they accumulate a number of them, they can qualify for a big reward, such as a movie or a visit to the zoo.

You might have mixed feelings when your children are out of school for summer. However, with the above tips, you can have your most coveted office-like silence at your home and meet your deadlines on various tasks.

To your success!

Photo credit: The Young Mommy Life




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