Working With the Enemy: Famous People that Hated Each Other

All of us have that one person we simply can’t stand. In general, we all do our very best to avoid the people who grate on our nerves. However, the worst case scenario is when the person who rubs you the wrong way is a fellow colleague and you’re stuck working with them on a regular basis. Being stuck in close quarters with your nemesis is incredibly uncomfortable and you might find it aggravating sitting across from Claire the office gossip Monday to Friday, but spare a thought for the celebs who are not only stuck working with their despised co-workers, but do it all in the glare of the public eye. There have always been rumours flying around about feuds between the rich and famous, some true and some which have been adamantly denied. Here are five of the most notorious stories about celebrities who hated each other.

1. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

Some Like it Hot
Big Picture

It’s a little known secret among film buffs that the biggest female star of all time was quite a handful to work with. Gossip magazines lapped up stories about Marilyn turning up late to set, forgetting her lines and ultimately, costing the production of Some Like it Hot millions of dollars. The most famous feud to come out of the rom com, which has been voted the funniest film of all time, was between Marilyn and Tony Curtis. Tony was famously quoted as comparing kissing his co-star to kissing Hitler. He clarified the remarks in a later interview, saying; "I didn’t like her. She was a really mean person. During Some Like It Hot, she gave us a terrible time and when someone asked me then what it was like kissing her, I said, ’It’s like kissing Hitler.’" In a vintage version of ’haters gonna hate’ Marilyn responded by saying; "I don’t like to say this, but I’m afraid there is a lot of envy in this’ve read there was some actor that once said about me that kissing me was like kissing Hitler. Well, I think that’s his problem. If I have to do intimate love scenes with somebody who really has these kinds of feelings toward me, then my fantasy can come into play. In other words, out with him, in with my fantasy. He was never there."

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

As Carrie and Samantha in Sex and the City, they were one of the best known best friendships in the world. Millions tuned in to watch their touching relationship and the trials they faced in New York along the way every week for six years. The show was so popular that it was followed by a hugely successful film and then by a second not so successful film. Unfortunately, behind the scenes the two were far from friends. Throughout the duration of the show, rumours were rampant about the tensions and arguments the two shared on the set of the hit show and subsequent movies. It apparently all began when Kim discovered that SJP earned much more money than her fellow co-stars, and became furious about it. Even the usually tight lipped Sarah Jessica herself admitted to the problems between the two, saying in an interview with Marie Claire; “There are times when all of us have been sensitive and sometimes feelings get hurt. But I don’t have any regrets about how I’ve treated people."

3. Lucy Liu and Bill Murray

It would seem that the relationship between Charlie and one of his angels was far from heavenly. During filming of the 2000 blockbuster hit, Charlie’s Angels, Bill Murray who played Charlie himself got along famously with two of the angels, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz but things couldn’t have been worse between him and Lucy Liu. Bill apparently addressed the three women, during one of many arguments by saying; "I get why you’re here", to Drew and "You’ve got talent" to Cameron, "But what in the hell are you doing here? You can’t act!" to, you guessed it, Lucy Liu. She is said to have been so incensed by the remark that she physically lashed out and had to be dragged away. Things got so heated between the two during filming that the set reportedly had to be shut down for a whole day to let tensions calm down. Since then, the Ghostbusters star has tried to play the incident down and complimented Lucy Liu publicly, but he was replaced by Bernie Mac for the second film, so it seems as though Lucy didn’t return his love.

4. Liam and Noel Gallagher

For most celebs at war with each other, they can go their separate ways for good once filming has come to an end or the band has split up. But when a famous brawl is actually a family feud, it can be much harder to stay out of each other’s way. The two stars of one of the world’s biggest bands are both huge personalities and have been going at each other’s throats ever since their childhood days on the council estates of Burnage, Manchester. Throughout the nineties, Oasis’s reigned as chart toppers and the Britpop was plagued with stories about Noel and Liam Gallagher’s vicious sibling rivalry. The arguments reached a tense climax in 2009 when a heated row backstage at V Festival in Paris resulted in a physical fight where guitars were smashed and Noel stormed out on the band once and for all. The two singers are far from shy when it comes to discussing their brotherly beef, a statement from Noel on the band website announced his departure by explaining that he "Simply could not work with Liam a day longer". Since then there has been talk of a possible reunion, so hopefully Noel has had a change of heart and decided to stop looking back in anger at his time working with his little brother.

5. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

As well as classic films and beautiful movie stars, the golden age of Hollywood also gave us gold star divas. The terrifying antics of actors such as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford make modern primadonnas like Mariah and Madge look angelic in comparison. These two Hollywood heavyweights had famously despised each other ever since their heydays in the roaring twenties, so who better to portray two aging former film stars who hate each other than these two? It must have taken some persuading to get the two enemies to work together in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, and the result is one of the creepiest films ever made. The two hated each other so violently that they would try to cause each other problems during filming. In one famous scene, where Bette Davis has to drag her paralysed sister out of her bed, Joan Crawford rigged her nightgown with weights so that it would be nearly impossible for her co-star to lift her.

These famous feuds go to show that no matter how much chemistry some stars have in front of the camera, things are not always so perfect behind the scenes. Whether you’re working behind the counter or walking on the red carpet, working with the enemy is never an enjoyable experience.

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