Working with your Life Partner: Will it Ruin your Relationship?

You live together, eat together, sleep together. Do you want to work together, too? This has been a question often discussed, and a lot of the time it’s as simple as this. It is a horrific idea to work in a company with your significant other for a variety of reasons.

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Starting a business or buying an income property together is a common situation a lot of couples find themselves in, which is certainly fantastic. However, it’s when husbands and wives find each other working for the same business with the same boss and co-workers in the same office that things start to impact both your career and personal life.

From jealousy to competition, from spending too much time together to financial risks, there are many negatives to working with your spouse - certainly more negatives than positives. Although it may at first seem great to realize that you can spend more time with your husband or wife during working hours, as time goes by it can be the worst thing for your marriage, particularly if your someone who does need some alone time on occasion.

Here are six reasons working with your life partner will ruin your relationship:

1. You're a Different Person at Work

Depending upon your choice of career or the office situation, you may be an entirely different person at work. If you’re a salesman, then you’re probably "on" all the time. If your boss is surly and powerful, then you may be subservient to their every whim. If you have friendly colleagues, then you may open up and be who you truly are. Whatever the case, if your spouse notices this then it may turn them off from you and realize that you’re somebody completely different than the one they married.

2. Room for Jealousy on Many Fronts

If you’re a jealous person, or your spouse is, then prepare for fights when you arrive home. Whether it’s a friendly working relationship with a member of the opposite sex or you have been given a promotion instead of your spouse then, your life partner could become extremely jealous. This makes for a very uncomfortable office atmosphere.

3. Reprimanding Your Love

When you’re a manager or a supervisor, then it’s likely that one element of your job responsibilities is to reprimand staff members, which could include the love of your life. If your spouse’s work isn’t up to par or they seem despondent at work, then you have to punish them or give them a stern talking to. Nobody wants to do this.

4. Potential Financial Risks

It’s difficult to ascertain when a business may be shutting down or performing a cost-cutting initiative. It could happen at any time. If you both lose your jobs, then you’ll be under considerable financial strain. Before, you could rely on your spouse’s income, and vice versa. Now you’re both out of work and without a steady stream of income. 

5. The Dinner Table Becomes a Business Meeting

When it’s quittin’ time, you just want to head home and enjoy a relaxing dinner with your family. Unfortunately, when both partners work in the same establishment, then the dinner table transforms into a board meeting. Instead of talking about your days, what happened in the news or if something interesting occurred today, you could be discussing assignments, projects or, worse, nothing at all. 

6. There is No Alone Time or Personal Time

Let’s face it: no matter how much you love your significant other, you do need alone time. Furthermore, when you’re off of work, you want to have personal time with your spouse. Both become impossible feats when you work together. Here are a few examples: 

  • During your morning and afternoon commute, it’s just you, your coffee and music. 
  • During your lunch break, it’s just you, your lunch and perhaps a colleague. 
  • During the weekend, you want it to be you and your spouse without work in your mind.  

All of this changes once you begin to work with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

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When you begin to work with your life partner, your professional life becomes your personal life, and your personal life becomes your professional life. Two worlds collide. If you’re thinking of working at your partner’s company then consider another employment opportunity because if you want your relationship to last then do not work with them.

Do you work with your life partner? How has it affected your relationship? your thoughts and comments below please...