Working with your Spouse - A Recipe for Disaster?

Not many of us would have the guts to work with our spouses. After all, we spend enough time with them at home and many of us often value our independence and time away from our family members. However if you do work with your spouse there are a number of ways to stay sane – and keep your marriage intact!

Define your Roles

Before you start working together, establish what skills you both bring to the table – and never overtake on your partners previously established roles. Understand your own role and stick to it.

Separate Home from Work 

Ok so maybe your partner forgot to do the dishes last night or didn’t take the dog for a walk, but that’s no excuse to carry your annoyance to the office. Don’t mingle work with home or home with work. Try to have a ‘work hat’ and a ‘home hat’. Work and home should be regarded as two entirely separate existences, despite the fact that you both work together.

Find Ways to Maintain your Individuality

Ensure that you both have separate offices. Email one another instead of discussing it in person. This will give you space to breathe and get some space away from each other. Do things apart. Go for a coffee with a friend after work, join the gym or take a walk around town. Be sure to dedicate regular time to yourself. This will make you appreciate your partner more when you are working together.

Prioritise your Marriage

Over and above everything else, your marriage should be your number 1 priority. Don’t let workplace annoyance affect your marriage; if you do begin to feel the pressure, then this may be the time to consider a career change. The most important thing is to find a solution that preserves your relationship and your sanity in the workplace.