Would Our World Change If We Found Aliens?

"Are we alone in the universe or multiverse" is a question that we often ask ourselves, our friends and our family members. "If there is another advanced alien civilization out there, would we change here on Earth?" is another question we mull over when delving into the interstellar, galactic realms.

There is so much conflicting information out there. A team of researchers, using data from NASA’s space-based Widefield Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope, recently concluded that there is no signs of advanced alien beings in 10,000 galaxies. Meanwhile, Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer asserts governments worldwide are concealing information regarding extraterrestrials.

When examining the various theories, there is even greater contradictory ideas. The Drake equation is an argument to estimate the number of active and communicative civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. The Fermi paradox asks the question: if there are so many alien species in our galaxy, or universe, then where are they?

Essentially, there are two parts to this vast debate: idealistically, we really want to find another race out there. Unfortunately, science has yet to detect an advanced form of beings elsewhere.

What Would Happen If Aliens Revealed Themselves? 

Tossing out all of the speculation, scientific data and arguments, let’s ask ourselves: what would happen if aliens revealed themselves to us in our sky or by landing on the White House lawn? Would our planet change for the better or for the worse? How would our daily lives change?

Here’s a scenario to consider: an alien species hijacks all of our communication devices a la "Man of Steel" and speaks to us in our respective languages to let us know that we are not alone. Then, they leave and we never hear from them ever again. Our economies haven’t changed. Our jobs haven’t been altered. Our planet hasn’t changed in any capacity. All that we have been given is a message, and perhaps a photo or video montage of their civilization.

After this encounter, you wake up in the morning, head to your 9-5 job, return home, spend time with your family, eat dinner and go to bed. You start your day all over again. Nothing different has happened, except now you have the answer to a question that has perplexed mankind for centuries.

A lot of people have become open-minded in recent years about the existence of aliens. Polls have indicated that half of Americans say ETs are real and the government is hiding them from us. Religions have even begun to accept the idea of another race in the cosmos. Governments, on the other hand, continually deny their existence, despite their secretive behavior regarding the topic. As literature, motion pictures and the actions of public officials have depicted, the only entity we should be concerned about is the government. Who knows what they would do in this instance.

World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking opined years ago that maybe our planet shouldn’t try to make contact with other civilizations because what if they were militant and wanted to occupy or destroy our planet. It was a thought-provoking argument, but a glass half-empty one.

What if, instead, it was an amiable, enlightened, insouciant and peaceful civilization that treated each other with kindness, respect and empathy? That may prompt us to do better here on Earth and encourage us to be kind. It may be idealistic to consider such a possibility, but it’s still something we should hope for.

Contact with another alien spaces would only be beneficial for us rather than a frightening prospect. We should cease thinking of aliens as if they’re from "Independence Day" and instead portray them more along the lines of "E.T." Not every population in this life has to be wicked, corrupt and hateful. We may or may not detect aliens in our lifetime, but it should prevent us from thinking that there is someone or something out there also wanting to disprove the notion they’re alone in the universe.

Do you believe in aliens? Do you think that if we make contact they would come in peace or to conquer us?

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