How to Write a Career Objective When Applying For a Marketing Position

When applying for any job, your resume/CV is the best tool you have. When written effectively, you greatly increase your chances of landing an interview. While writing your resume/CV, you want to be clear about your objective and goals.

If you’re looking for a career in marketing, you will need to be fairly specific. Marketing is comprised of many different areas. It is also one of the fastest growing industries, providing a mass amount of career opportunity and development. 

Marketing is the process of communication; promoting and selling services or products. You may be seeking employment in any type of marketing from market research, to advertising. With continuous advancement online, the possibilities are becoming endless. 

When applying for a position, an employer will want to see what your career aspirations are within the world of marketing. What knowledge do you possess and what skills can you offer? This will be your career ’objective.’ So, what exactly is a career objective and how do you write one to obtain a marketing position?

What Is a Career Objective?

Your resume/CV is so important in the professional world. It tells a potential employer everything they need to know about your professional life. Everything on a resume is relevant and important, but a career objective is one of the most important aspects.

A career objective is a statement written within your resume/CV, regarding your personal career goals and plans. This will show employers that you’re familiar with the industry and position you’re applying for. 

General Guidelines When Writing a Career Objective

  • Keep your objective brief. You do not generally need more than 1-2 sentences. You should get straight to the point.
  • Personalise your objective. It should reflect your skills, knowledge, and goals. Don’t ever copy and paste someone else’s objective.
  • Be direct in terms of the work you hope to achieve, which field you’re interested in, or the industry you aim to work within.
  • It can be either long or short-term.
  • Write about what you have to offer. 

What You Can Include Within a Marketing Career Objective

The following are some of the elements you can include within your marketing career objective:

  1. Career Field: This will be the general field in which marketing falls into. For example: "To obtain a position within the communication field as a marketing manager..."

  2. Position Title: This will be the type of position you’re after. This is appropriate when you know exactly which position you’re applying for. For example: “To obtain a position in the advertising field as a creative director, utilizing my creative and conceptual vision to attract clients.”

  3. Organisational Category: This will reflect the industry group. For example: “To gain a management position within the marketing industry, maintaining a high levels of leadership and product management.”

  4. Skills: These are talents or functions that add value to your potential marketing career. Most positions require multiple skills, both general and specific. General skills will be an area that encompass more specific skills. For example; creative, technical, and mechanical. Specific skills will used to perform specific tasks. For example: “To obtain a position within a respected advertising firm, using my strong networking and technical skills to market online.”

What Skills Are Marketing Employers Looking For?

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

It is crucial that you’re aware of the skills that employers are looking for within the marketing industry. Even if you lack experience, you may have certain qualities and skills that they’re looking for. The following are great skills to mention within your career objective: 

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Creativity 
  • Analytical ability 
  • Working effectively in a team environment 
  • IT skills 
  • Organisational skills 
  • Commercial awareness
  • Social media skills 

How to Write a Marketing Career Objective

So how do you actually write an effective marketing objective?

Write a marketing objective that is meaningful. You do not want to be too general, as this provides little value to the employer. 

  • This is an example of an objective you DON’T want to write: “To obtain a challenging position within a field I would excel in.” You may understand where you were coming from, but it will mean very little to you potential employer. This objective provides no personal detail regarding the direction you’d like to take within the marketing industry. You want to show your employer that you have specific career goals. Vague, general statements do not provide any value. 
  • This example provides a more specific objective: “To attain a technical writing position within a growing marketing company that provides me the opportunity to use my creative ideas and effective IT skills.”
  • This shows what you’re specifically interested in and how you can personally benefit the company. Through your objective, they see where your skills and focus lie. This shows the employer that you’re knowledgable regarding the position you’re applying for. Show the company how you will help achieve their marketing goals. 

So, make sure your career objective is brief, accurate, personal, and informative. Remember that the marketing industry is vast, so you’ll need to be specific. You want to set yourself apart, providing details that are beneficial to the position and/or company that you’re applying to. 

Give yourself the best possible chance of landing an interview. Create a career objective that is sure to catch the attention of your next marketing employer. 


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